FIFA's greatest ever songs made into viral Twitter thread


If there is one thing that FIFA is known for better than its video games, it is the soundtracks that accompany them.

Over the years the video game has gone from strength to strength when it comes to its gameplay, graphics and overall stature as one of the best games on the planet.

Although if you were to ask some FIFA gamers, the last two editions haven't been anything to scream home about!

Having personally been a fan of FIFA since the early days of high school, there was nothing better than getting together with your friends, having a tournament amongst yourselves and having the tunes from the game blasting out from your TV.

So what songs am I referring to? John Newman’s Love Me Again from FIFA 14 springs to mind, along with an Avicii classic in The Nights.

Often songs get forgotten about over the years as the game evolves and the earlier editions get left behind and often the songs rarely get heard again. Luckily, one FIFA fan has done everyone a huge favour and has created a thread on his Twitter account of the greatest FIFA songs ever to be released.


His name is Haz and his Twitter handle is @publad and in his thread, he lists some of the ultimate FIFA songs that will have you taking an incredible trip down memory lane, and with the range of songs that he has put together in his thread, viewers could easily spend a couple of hours listening to them and thinking about the good old days of FIFA.

All in all, Haz has compiled 18 of the best FIFA bangers and you would be hard-pressed to question his choices. Empire of the Sun with their hit Alive made the cut, so did Bastille with their song The Weight of Living.

Sadly it is worth mentioning he didn't go any further back than FIFA 12, but we can forgive him for that just for providing the unreal content in the first place.

This Twitter user has plenty of time on his hands and FIFA players from all over the world will be thanking him for blessing their Twitter timeline with his thread.

Anyone who loves FIFA is urged to go and check it out, as you will not regret taking a trip down memory lane. This is just the pick me up that is needed.

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