Messi, Brady, Ronaldo: Piers Morgan names his 10 sporting GOATs


Controversial broadcaster Piers Morgan has raised eyebrows with a highly questionable list of his top 10 sporting GOATs.

Morgan made known his shocking top 10 whilst reading an opinionated piece for his Mail Online column. The journalist's selection comes in the wake of Tom Brady’s seventh Super Bowl triumph at the ripe old age of 43.

The longevity of Brady’s career at the very pinnacle of NFL surely means he is hard done by in missing out, but it's something Morgan is adamant about.

"Tom Brady the greatest athlete ever? Sorry America, I love your Super Bowl king too - but he doesn't make my Top 10 all-time sporting GOATs," read the headline of Morgan's blog.

In the piece, Morgan wrote: "Don't get me wrong; he's a magnificent athlete with an extraordinary work ethic and will-to-win that places him in the very highest echelons of sporting achievement.

"But the GOAT? No chance.

"For me, Brady's not even the greatest NFL star of all time – that accolade goes to Joe Montana. Even Brady has admitted that Montana 'is in a league of his own.'"


Morgan and showing bias certainly does go hand-in-hand, which is very evident with him not even placing six-time Ballon d'Or winner Lionel Messi in his top 10, yet finding space for good friend of his Cristiano Ronaldo at number five.

Speaking about the Juventus star, Morgan said: "He recently broke the all-time goal-scoring record of 758 goals and is still playing out of his skin for Juventus in Italy at the age of 36. A supreme athlete and phenomenal competitor, who has won trophies in four different countries, Cristiano is the best real footballer to ever lace his boots."

Ayrton Senna is another strange pick at number 10.

The Brazilian tragically passed away in the middle of his career after an on-track collision. He had amassed three championship wins by this time and perhaps, had the accident not occurred, he may have become the sporting GOAT, but this opportunity was cruelly taken away from him.


Almost certainly his most controversial pick comes at number one in the form of Sir Donald Bradman.

Morgan clearly hasn’t taken into consideration the level of competition this choice faced.

While Bradman’s stats were mightily impressive, the level the sport was at back then, the depth of competition and the athleticism of the athletes, can’t be ignored.

Defending his choice for top spot, Morgan said: "The Don, as he was known, was indisputably the greatest sportsmen to ever live.

"His stats were ridiculous: a final batting international batting average of 99.94 runs per innings, which is an astonishing 38 runs above the next highest player. For 20 years, he bestrode the cricketing world like a colossus, mercilessly smashing bowlers and records with equal gusto.


"Bradman came the closest to achieving perfection of any sportsman in history. And that's why, for me, he's the sporting GOAT."

Below you can see Piers Morgan's top 10 sporting GOATs in full:

1. Sir Donald Bradman

2. Michael Jordan

3. Muhammad Ali

4. Usain Bolt

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

6. Tiger Woods

7. Roger Federer

8. Michael Phelps

9. Wayne Gretzky

10. Ayrton Senna

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