Boxing: Deontay Wilder names his three dream opponents


The sport of boxing has produced some iconic fighters over the years and Deontay Wilder wants a crack at three specific names.

Well, his three opponents are all dream opponents as they each come from different eras of boxing.

Wilder has not fought since losing to Tyson Fury last February, and as he continues to tease boxing fans over what his next move might be, he has also revealed his dream boxing opponents from any time period.

When asked who his dream three opponents are from any era of boxing, Wilder said Joe Louis, Earnie Shavers and Evander Holyfield.

"When I'm asked that question, my mind always goes back to Alabama, bro, with the fighters that came before me, that paved the way before me," he said, as per The Sun.

"Most of them had to start their career in other states, but they were born where I was from.

"I'd want to go up against a guy that's from where I'm from, the likes of Joe Louis, the likes of Evander Holyfield, who is one of my favourite fighters.


"And, the likes of Earnie Shavers. Out of those three guys, there's a lot more that came from this state, but out of those three guys, if not all of them, I would love to share the ring with them."

Joe Louis is seen by many as one of the most influential boxers of all time. He was the world heavyweight champion from 1937 to 1949, and the International Boxing Research Organisation ranked him as the greatest heavyweight fighter in history.

Earnie Shavers is best known as one of the hardest punchers in boxing. Despite never winning a world title, he has a total of 68 knockout wins and 23 first-round knockouts.

Evander Holyfield is still the only boxer to win the undisputed championship in two different weight classes (cruiserweight and heavyweight). He is also the only four-time world heavyweight champion.

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Who is this heavyweight boxer?

As seen by their distinguished CVs, Alabama has produced some incredible boxers over the years.

With Wilder continuing to plot his next move, he will surely be aiming to reach the same heights as his fellow Alabamian greats.

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