Euro 2020: Britain will offer to host the entire tournament


The thought of a tournament being held in 12 different cities in 12 different counties in just a few months time while the whole world is still battling with the coronavirus pandemic seems fanciful.

Is it really practical for nations to fly around the continent to compete at Euro 2020? (Yes, it’s still called Euro 2020 despite it taking place in 2021.)

Why not just hold it in Britain? Many British fans have asked in recent months.

Well, their wish might just come true.

According to the Sunday Times, Britain have actually offered to host the entire tournament this Sumer. Not only that but ministers have drawn up plans to allows fans back into stadiums.


The report is on the front page of the newspaper. It reveals that Oliver Downen, the culture secretary, has told UEFA that progress on vaccinations means the UK will have crowds back in stadiums before most of Europe.


It also states that prime minister, Boris Johnson, will announce that the new target is for all adults to be offered jabs by July 31 - a month earlier than the previous deadline. Johnson will publish a 60-page roadmap document outlining the earliest date specific restrictions will be lifted.

Whether UEFA will accept Britain’s offer remains to be seen.


But join us in getting a little bit excited about the prospect.

Picture this: It’s June, there is a solid month of 30 degree weather forecast, we’re out of lockdown, pubs are open, the whole of Euro 2020 is being held in Britain, the stadiums are full of fans and football finally comes home.


We could be just four months away from all of that.

C’mon, allow us to dream a little.

Recently, Gareth Southgate spoke about the challenge of trying to prepare for a tournament that, as things stand, will be played across Europe.

"It's a challenge because all of our staff are a little bit disconnected. You're not interacting in the same way and you can't check in on people in the same way," Southgate said.


"We have to prepare for a European Championship in a few months' time so it's an incredible challenge for our staff logistically, our security people, our operations people and we really don't know what the tournament in the end will look like.

"At the moment UEFA are saying it will still be played across 12 cities, but we have to prepare for a number of different scenarios.

"Trying to book hotels and knowing where you will be based are a lot more complicated than they would normally be."

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