Roy Keane vs Vinnie Jones: Who is the hardest player in Premier League history?

  • Rob Swan

Who is the hardest player in Premier League history?

Many football fans would say Roy Keane. The Manchester United legend could be ferocious on the pitch and was sent off seven times in the Premier League alone during his illustrious career.

Keane, who is still just as terrifying today in his role as a pundit, had a tendency to see the red mist and lost it on a few occasions.

There’s absolutely no doubt that the Irishman would have many more red cards to his name if he was playing today.

Others might say Everton hero Duncan Ferguson, who took no prisoners, while the likes of John Terry and Patrick Vieira were also not to be messed with.

However, one Premier League player was so tough that he made the transition from footballer to Hollywood hard-man after hanging up his boots.

We are, of course, talking about Vinnie Jones.


An integral member of Wimbledon’s infamous ‘Crazy Gang’, Jones enjoyed two spells with the Dons either side of stints with Leeds United, Sheffield United and Chelsea.

What he lacked in talent he more than made up for with fight and aggression.

The Wales international must have been an absolute nightmare to play against. He was often brutal with his challenges.


Jones only played in the Premier League for seven seasons but was shown seven red cards during that time period.

Only Richard Dunne, plus the aforementioned Ferguson and Vieira, have been sent off more times during the Premier League era.

The past weekend marked the 27th anniversary of a heated FA Cup fifth-round clash between Wimbledon and Manchester United at Selhurst Park.

Football fans have been sharing a two-minute clip of the action and the footage adds weight to the argument that Jones is the hardest player in Premier League history.


Not many players were brave enough to go toe-to-toe with Keane, let alone Keane and Cantona at the same time.

But Jones kicked both players around the pitch like it was nothing.

Watch the video here...

Neither Keane nor Cantona wanted any of it and who can blame them? Jones was in full-on lunatic mode that night and would have made mincemeat out of the pair.

Never mind a red card, some of those tackles from Jones would have earned him a prison sentence these days.


However, it was United’s players who had the last laugh thanks to their superior technical ability.

A famous goal by Cantona put United 1-0 ahead on the stroke of half-time before Paul Ince and Denis Irwin added to the Red Devils’ tally in the second half.

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