FIFA 21: Mark Wright becomes the lowest rated player on the game


Mark Wright has finally achieved his dream of becoming a professional footballer.

The reality star is probably best known for his role in The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) and for featuring in a number of other TV shows.

However, when he began playing in Soccer Aid, many fans were surprised to see he's actually a talented left-back.

Having been released by Tottenham as a youngster, Wright went on to play for Southend United before ultimately dropping down to non-league level. 

By his own admission, the 34-year-old didn't work hard enough as a youngster and his dream of going pro was shattered. 

In 2020, that changed when he signed for League Two Crawley Town.

Wright couldn't have picked a better game to make his debut in as he was introduced in injury time of the 3-0 FA Cup shock over Leeds United. 

The timing of his appearance only fuelled accusations that the signing was nothing more than a publicity stunt - especially as the game was televised.

Unfortunately, no matter how Wright fares, he will probably have an uphill battle on his hands to convince people he's a genuine footballer, not a TV personality who's decided to kick a ball about. 


The minds behind FIFA 21 are yet to be convinced, at least, because he's finally been added to the game - but he's the lowest-ranked player on there.

His rating is just 47. He's been given one star for weak foot rating, as well as a 'low' ranking for both defending and attacking work-rate. Even his skills are rated at just two stars. 

There are only a handful of players who have suffered such ignominy in the current game, from Chinese midfielder Song Yue to Oldhman's Ben Hough.

The average rating of a League Two defender, according to The Sun, is 62. He's got an awfully long way to go. 

Who's the highest-rated player? 

It begs the question, of course, of the highest-rated player. 

Lionel Messi has been given a 93 card, beating Cristiano Ronaldo who is on 92. Robert Lewandowski and Kevin De Bruyne are both rated 91. 

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