Boxing: Floyd Mayweather's defence brilliantly highlighted in viral video


“He is everywhere and he is nowhere. You think you’ve got him and then he disappears.”

That is how one of the boxing commentators described Floyd Mayweather during his encounter with Juan Manuel Marquez back in 2009.

Indeed, in a montage assembled by ESPN Ringside, the video highlights just how remarkable the American's defensive boxing skills truly were.

In another of the clips shown during the third round of Mayweather’s fight with Miguel Cotto, which ‘Money’ won via a unanimous decision, it highlighted how, despite being at close range, Cotto still could not lay a glove on the American fighter.

Throughout the montage it goes on to show Mayweather putting on a classic exhibition of boxing defensive movement and how he constantly left his opponents unable to come to terms with his counter-punching style.

It was almost impossible to land a perfect and clean shot on the American as he used his shoulders to block his chin so affectively.

This was subsequently why ‘Money’ was able to have an extensive 21-year career in professional boxing.

During his remarkable career, Mayweather fought 50 times and won all of them.

Some fans, however, would argue that he was incredibly boring to watch. That he would always approach his fights in the same way and would ultimately smother his opponents with his quick counter-attacks. No one can deny what a great boxer ‘Money’ was, though, as demonstrated so clearly in this video.

Mayweather's 2021 plans

In terms of his plans for 2021, meanwhile, there has been talk about the American putting on an exhibition bout with YouTuber Logan Paul.

It was initially due to take place on February 20, but due to lack of crowds, it may now be pushed back to the summer of 2021.


Mayweather has not fought since 2018, while the Paul brother only has one bout under his belt, losing a six-round decision to KSI.

This would certainly be another chance for boxing fans to admire arguably the greatest counter-puncher of all time.

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