Tyson Fury: John Fury sends 'fat as a pig' message to concerned fans


The Fury family once again took centre stage this weekend as Tommy  notched up another big win.

The younger brother of heavyweight world champion, Tyson, enjoyed a comfortable night on Saturday, doing away with Scott Williams inside two rounds.

Tommy's second-round KO means he has now won all five bouts he has fought so far in his emerging career.

Inevitably, talk soon turned towards the possibility of an upcoming British blockbuster between brother Tyson and Anthony Joshua.

Concerns have been raised about Tyson's physical state after footage emerged of him charging around an English beach looking rather portly.

However, John Fury, father of Tommy and Tyson, dismissed those concerns in a typically comical way.

Speaking on live television, Fury did not hesitate to show off his own physique before claiming that it really doesn't matter in boxing.

"Forget how my son looks," he began.

"If he trained for the next ten years he'd have the same body. But let me tell you now he's as strong as three men and can run 25 miles.

"Look here, I'm as fat as a pig but I can run 10 miles and I'm an old man. Forget shape because if it was any good there'd be more body builders winning world titles wouldn't there?"

Big John has a point.

Tyson will never be the sort of of physical adonis that Joshua prides himself on being but that doesn't make him any less capable.

He is the king of the mind game, a sly, in-ring competitor and one of the most deceptively skilful heavyweights we have seen in a long time.

Yes, he does lug a bit of extra weight around with him, but, as we have seen in the past, that should be of no hinderance.

Now all that is left to do is wait for the two parties to come to an accord on the so-called "Battle of Britain".

Once they have a contract in place, expect the trash talk to really escalate.

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