Steven Gerrard appeared to call someone a 'f*****g ball bag' during Rangers win


Steven Gerrard had an eventful night on Wednesday.

He watched on as his Rangers side beat Livingston 1-0 thanks to a late Alfredo Morelos strike.

We say ’watched on’ because the former Liverpool captain had to sit in the stands for the second half after verbally clashing with the referee at half time.

Gerrard was furious after Morelos was shown a yellow card for diving despite what appeared to be a stonewall penalty.

Minutes later, Gerrard confronted referee John Beaton and appeared to shout ‘F*****g bang out of order' and 'I know why you're not talking to me' to the official.

Unsurprisingly, it earned him a red card.

For the second half, Gerrard sat in the stands as Morelos’ 87th minute winner earned all three points for the visitors. It put them to within four points of the SPFL title.

But the manager didn’t appear all too joyous despite the win.

In his post-match interview, he gave a rather spiky but hilarious answer when he was asked about Morelos’ reputation as a diver.

“Don’t worry about Alfredo, He’s just scored the winner and he’s dancing round with his top off to sweet Caroline,” he replied with a straight face.



And there’s another clip of Gerrard from last night that is going viral.

In injury-time, goalkeeper Alan McGregor was booked for time-wasting as Rangers held onto their 1-0 win.

The camera panned to Gerrard in the stands who appears to call the referee a “f*****g ball bag” and pointed out that Livingstone had been time-wasting “all f*****g game.”

Yeah, we don't think he's is the biggest fan of that referee...

Despite his grumblings, Gerrard knows that his side are within touching distance of the title.

We just need to win the next game and take maximum points and we'll see what happens from there," Gerrard said.

“We just need to keep winning. We need to rest now. The game will come on us pretty fast. We'll make a few changes for the weekend and we'll get ready for St Mirren.


"I think we've showed all season that we've evolved. We're ready to compete and challenge.

“We've showed a tremendous level of consistency. We came here early in the season and played everything in front of Livingston.

“There's nothing wrong with winning 1-0. I've seen all the top sides over the years do it, go to difficult places that are challenging.

“But it's about finding a way to win and we did. It came late but if the officials had done the right thing it might have come earlier."

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