Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal: Fan ranks Premier League and Football League clubs

  • Kobe Tong

English football is more than just the Premier League.

The nation's top-flight might be unique in commanding television fees in the billions and transfer bids over £50 million, but make no mistake that the Football League is just as important to the fans.

Look, I'd be lying if I said the English division I watched the most wasn't the Premier League, but I'll die on a hill arguing that the soul of the country's favourite sport is further down the pyramid.

The beauty of English football

Besides, this is the nation where over 10,000 people cram into the terraces to watch fourth-division games whereas fixtures of tantamount provenance in other countries might only attract 100 fans.

Every league to themselves, don't get me wrong, but I can't be alone in feeling unabashedly proud of how saturated the tiers of English football are with unwavering support and loyalty.

As such, that means debates amongst Premier League and Football League fans are never short of passion because it feels as though every club has its own platoon of diehard supporters.


Premier League and Football League

However, while I might love Mansfield Town as much as Manchester United and Lincoln City as much as Liverpool, I can't claim that all 92 clubs carried the same amount of prestige.

Besides, let's face it, actually sitting down and taking the time to comb through each and every club in the mission of ranking them based on provenance would be the mother of all undertakings.

But that's exactly what Twitter user @ShowmeyourTetes - the less said about their username, the better - set out to achieve last week with a monumental template on Tiermaker.


Ranking the 92 clubs

Specifying the judging criteria as 'based on size and history', the football fan ranked all 92 clubs into tiers ranging from 'elite' to 'tinpot' with 'massive', 'big', 'average' and 'small' in between. 

And, yes, we're not entirely sure why Macclesfield Town and Notts County are still hanging around, but I guess whoever made the template was a little behind on things...

Now, unless you're a non-league hipster - power to you, by the way - then you might be itching to see where your favourite English football has wound up and you can do so by looking here:


Controversy. Controversy, everywhere.

A massive topic of debate

Yeh, let's be honest, you could put this conundrum to every supercomputer in the world and feed it every piece of data in every club's history and the answer still wouldn't satisfy everyone.

And that's not a criticism of the fans, by the way, because everybody's club is special to them for different reasons, so seeing how they've been ranked is always going to be a sensitive subject.

For me, I think it's a little hard to justify Arsenal rubbing shoulders with Liverpool and United in the top tier, while my beloved Lincoln City should justify 'average' with their impressive attendances. 


But at the end of the day, it's subjective and nobody's opinion is an objectively correct one, especially when we're talking about almost one hundred clubs and about as many years of history.

As a result, just enjoy the debate for what it is and embrace the wonderful world of English football, which will hopefully be furnished with fans again very soon, with open arms.

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