Kurt Angle names The Rock & surprising name as the two best 'sellers' in WWE history

Angle and The Rock clashed in WWE many times

Kurt Angle has had an incredible pro-wrestling career.

The American Hero was a staple in WWE, splitting his decade-long Hall of Fame career over two separate runs with the company while spending time on the independent circuit too. 

Angle, of course, was one of the best to ever step foot in the ring and naturally, he came up against other greats too. 

He was a man who understood the business and especially, the importance of 'selling' to every single fan in the arena. 

While discussing that art recently, Angle named two of the best 'sellers' he's ever seen in WWE.

One of them is The Rock, someone who many people would expect, but the second name will come as a bit of a surprise.  

"The Rock was always a step ahead and his athleticism really came out in the ring," the WWE Hall of Famer said on the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show

The Rock and Angle clashed many times in WWE

"His biggest asset is selling, a lot of people think he oversells and that’s why he does it.

"He oversells because he wants everybody at home, every fan in the arena, 20,000 people, he wants that little girl at the top of the rafter to see his selling, his face.

"He makes it visible to everybody and he oversells, that’s the way you’re supposed to do it in pro wrestling." 

The Rock is renowned as one of WWE's greatest ever

Interestingly, Angle named Vince McMahon as the other person who was 'the best at selling'. 

"A lot of people undersell, [but] Dwayne had it, another guy that had it was Vince McMahon.

"Vince always told us 'The money is right here [points to his face], this is where you sell tickets. You got to show emotion when you’re angry or scared or hurt.' Those two were the best at it." 

McMahon shared brilliant advice with his WWE stars

Yep, there's a reason Vince has always been so successful in the sports entertainment business. He leads by example and knows the importance of working a crowd. 

'The money is right here'... that's some damn good advice. 

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