Tony Hawk breaks down in tears after landing his final Ollie 540


Tony Hawk has rolled back the years as he's performed his iconic Ollie 540 trick for the final time. 

Hawk, now 52, is a skateboarding legend and has long been the face of the sport. 

During his peak, the American helped spark interest in skateboarding with his addictive and long-running video game series we all spent countless hours on. 

One of the moves we would try and perfect was the Ollie 540. One of the most difficult tricks to perform, it involves skating up to the halfpipe and rotating one-and-a-half times without touching the board.

A recent video shows Hawk attempting the move he made famous during the 90s and early 2000s. Initially, for those who remember seeing him in his pomp and who played his PlayStation game series, it is a sad watch seeing Father Time catch up with Hawk as he continuously struggles to make a good landing, even sliding off the whole ramp at one point.

Hawk, however, didn't become so successful and win several medals without persistence. After numerous botched attempts, he completes the trick with a perfect landing. 

Such a trick used to be second nature for the skateboarder, but nowadays it means much more. Knowing it's likely to be the last time he is able to pull off the stunt, an emotional Hawk can be seen collapsing to his knees with his head in his hands. 

Holding back his emotions, Hawk says: "I'm a little sad. I never have much finality to anything but that was definitely the last one I'll ever do. F*** it, happy I made it."

It looks as though Hawk is winding down in style as he seeks closure on his fantastic career. As well as landing the Ollie, he also recently retired the 720 trick in January. 

Talking about the 720, which is half a rotation less, Hawk wrote: "I recently made a 720 and it was a battle. The last one I made before this was over three years ago, and it's much harder now all things considered.

"Recently dislocated fingers hinder my grab, my spin is slower so I need to go higher for full rotation and...I'm really old.

"I can't say for certain that this is the last one I'll ever do, but I can't imagine doing many more."

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