Ronaldinho's physics-defying Barcelona pass in 2006 still needs explaining


Ronaldinho is one of the greatest entertainers that football has ever seen.

While you'd be hard-pressed to argue that the Barcelona icon was the undisputed GOAT, there's good reason to think that the ingenuity and originality he brought to the sport is unmatched.

Besides, I'm not sure any athlete in the history of the beautiful game could lay claim to having a more entertaining set of career highlights than Ronaldinho.

Happy birthday, Ronaldinho

I can't be alone in becoming numb to the saturation of football compilations on Twitter sometimes, but you know you're always in for a wild ride if Ronaldinho is the subject of one.

Because whether it's passes with his back; wild FIFA Street-like skills or gravity-defying juggling, you know that every minute is going to be filled with brilliance that is utterly unique to him.

And therefore, in celebration of Ronaldinho's 41st birthday, we wanted to look back on some of the moments football fans will call upon to educate their children and grandchildren on the great man.


The genius of Ronaldinho

No, we're not thinking about the headline-grabbing memories of his free-kick against England or first goal for Barcelona, but rather those small instances of genius that fly under the radar.

And we're inclined to think that Ronaldinho's glorious pass against Celta Vigo from the 2005/06 season is one such moment because frankly, it still needs explaining. 

Mere seconds after killing the ball dead with an outrageous first touch out wide, Ronaldinho unleashed a stunning pass that proved he's one of the most underrated playmakers of the era.


Ronaldinho's legendary Celta Vigo pass

When you hear fans or pundits talking about 'laser-like passes' as though they've literally been pencilled across the pitch by hand, it tends to be playful hyperbole, but not in this instance.

Because the way Ronaldinho moved the ball from the left wing to the right-hand post, directly into the path of Henrik Larsson, was literally as though he'd guided it with a computer programme.

The flight of the ball really had to be seen to be believed, so be sure to check out Ronaldinho's flash of genius down below:

Do you know what? We're almost thankful that Larsson bungled the chance to score.

A hidden gem of genius

As much as it would have been incredible to see Ronaldinho's pass result in a goal, we're inclined to think that it's better off remaining a hidden gem - or DVD extra if you'd rather - of his Barca spell.

Instead of the footage being played over and over again to the point of tedium, fans of the Catalan giants can go on a pilgrimage to the pass on YouTube whenever they fancy recalling its genius.


Ok, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself at this point, but I'm not sure you can call yourself a football fan if you don't love Ronaldinho because the great man made the sport his personal playground.

After all, there might be players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in the generations to come, but there will never be another Ronaldinho.

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