Liverpool fan's video shows 'Steven Gerrard was so disrespected as a player'


Steven Gerrard is one of the greatest players the Premier League has ever seen.

Yes, yes, we know, insert your relevant jokes about the fact he never actually won the trophy here, but make no mistake that Gerrard made a lasting impression on England's top-flight.

Besides, it doesn't bear thinking about what sort of damage that Liverpool would have been able to inflict if Gerrard had played for their Premier League-winning team of the 2019/20 campaign.

Steven Gerrard's legacy

But despite Gerrard's career never truly aligning with a Liverpool squad capable of conquering the nation, there could be no denying that his individual quality was amongst the best in the world.

And one of the many strings in Gerrard's bow was his ability to play in a variety of positions, moving up the pitch from full-back to central midfield and then as far forward as a second striker.

After all, one could argue that Gerrard's most lucrative years came when he was playing just a few yards behind Fernando Torres, forming a deadly partnership between 2007 and 2011.


Gerrard's penchant for passing

But as far as we're concerned, Gerrard's ability to ping the ball from long-range with astonishing accuracy was, if nothing else, the trait of his that we find the most aesthetically-pleasing.

While that sentence might sound a little 'fan fiction' for some, football is ultimately about the viewing experience and seeing a world-class player whip out their party trick is near enough unbeatable.

And although our favoured trait of Gerrard's could well refer to his penchant for long-range screamers, we're instead focusing on his uncanny eye for jaw-dropping diagonal passes.


Incredible montage of Gerrard

Besides, it can often be forgotten amongst the constant comparisons to Paul Scholes that the Reds skipper was just as much of a 'quarter-back' as his Manchester United rival at times.

And there can be no better demonstration of that fact than a viral video from Twitter user @TheLFCHub_, which opines: "Steven Gerrard was so disrespected as a player."

Say about that what you will, but the moral of the story is that the video is a stunning showcase of Gerrard's ability to split teams in half with astonishing passes, so be sure to check it out below:

What I'd do for a time machine sometimes, I tell you.

One more game, Stevie G?

I don't know about you, but it still seems like yesterday that Gerrard was galloping around Premier League pitches, only ever two seconds away from pulling off the moment of the match.

As such, it's crazy to think that it's now been over half a decade since the Liverpool great waved goodbye to the English game and that he's now three seasons deep into his role at Rangers.


But it's reassuring to know that as Gerrard's career moves further and further into the past, that the elements that made him the legend we know and love are still being treasured and remembered.

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