Bodybuilder suffers horrific pectoral injury while training in Dubai


Injuries are something most serious bodybuilders are used to.

When dealing with the kind of weight these individuals lift, it is almost inevitable that their bodies will break down at some point. 

However, rarely do injuries come as gruesome as the pectoral injury suffered by Ryan 'Big Rig' Crowley.

Be warned: footage of this one is not for the faint at heart.

While training in Dubai, the 23-year-old was attempting to bench press a mammoth 220kg - a decision he would quickly come to regret.

While bringing the bar down to his chest, Crowley let out a scream of agony as the right side of his chest bulged out in a sickening fashion. The image would not have looked out of place in a horror film.

Crowley, though, was fortunate to have two training partners close at hand to swiftly get the weight off him, helping to prevent further problems.

Powerlifter Larry Wheels was one of the men who acted immediately to take control of the weight.

As you might imagine, the terrible injury required immediate surgery. Crowley confirmed the news on social media, writing: "Cannot believe it happened, completely tore my pec tendon off the bone.

"I will be having surgery today at 5pm, praying that it gets its shape back and doesn’t ruin the rest of my career In bodybuilding before it’s even started!"

Generous fans rallied around Crowley in his hour of need, raising money to cover his medical expenses.

"Huge thank you to everyone for the messages and the support, it truly means the world," said Crowley.


"If you know me you know this has hit me extremely hard, and struggling to deal with it, but let’s get through it and come out the other side stronger!"

While it is hard not to have sympathy with Crowley, some have suggested that attempting to bench press such a massive amount of weight in pursuit of a one rep maximum was always going to be a recipe for disaster.

As Twitter user @HerculeanStren1 put it: "After viewing Ryan Crowley's horror pec tear, unless your goal is to be a competitive strength athlete...You have no reason to test massive 1RMs. The risk of injury skyrockets close to your absolute max."


Crowley had been lifting a more conservative 180kg, before moving up to 220kg to attempt a one rep best. This error in judgement will keep him out of the gym for quite some time.

A post-surgery photo of Crowley's injury showed some brutal bruising on his chest, with the affected area having turned purple. His rehab will not be a straightforward process, but Crowley is intent on returning to training when able.

If and when he is able to do so, you would have to think that he will be a little more selective when it comes to choosing how much weight to put on the bar.

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