UFC 260: Jon Jones reacts to Francis Ngannou's massive win


Francis Ngannou made a major statement on Saturday night when he dismantled Stipe Miocic to become the new UFC Heavyweight Champion. 

It took Ngannou less than six minutes to stop the champion in the main event of UFC 260. The challenger dominated the first round, but worse was to come for Miocic in the second.

Ngannou dropped his opponent in the early stages of the round and soon floored him again with a massive shot that left the Ohio-native with his leg bent awkwardly under his body. It took just one more blow to render Miocic unconscious and for Ngannou to claim the gold.

The win sees Ngannou become the 17th undisputed heavyweight titleholder in UFC history. Of all those champions, though, Ngannou might well be the scariest. The Cameroonian is a monster of a man, with some truly scary power.

One man who insists he is not phased by the new champion, however, is Jon Jones.

Jones' Reaction on Twitter

The former two-time light heavyweight titleholder has made no secret of his intention to move to heavyweight for his next fight and tweeted, "Show me the money" shortly after Ngannou's win, indicating that he would face Ngannou next for the right price.

When Dana White was asked about Jones' tweet at the post-fight press conference, the UFC president suggested Jones was using his financial demands as an excuse to avoid a meeting with Ngannou.


"If I’m Jon Jones and watching this fight at home, I’m moving to 185," said White to the media. Jones, who was clearly following the press conference live, then immediately fired back with another tweet.

"Go to 185? I didn’t gain all this weight for no reason," Jones posted, together with a laughing emoji. In response, White invited Jones to immediately call UFC management to begin negotiations over a fight with Ngannou.

This was by far the end of the night for 'Bones' when it came to his social media presence, though, as the 33-year-old continued to try and explain his stance to fans.

"If anyone is wondering if I really want to fight, the answer is yes. I also really want to get paid," stated Jones, who also argued that the public never seem to take issue with other fighters asking to be properly compensated.

"I quit the light heavyweight division, literally gained a massive amount of weight. And now people are saying I’m afraid? Everyone but me claiming that I’m afraid. All I asked was to get paid."


Jones continued: "Conor McGregor wants big money, it’s expected. Jon Jones wants money, now he’s scared."


When asked about other possible contenders for Ngannou during the press conference, White was particularly high on the idea of heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis receiving the first opportunity.

Lewis defeated Ngannou by decision back at UFC 226 in July 2018 and so definitely has a claim to a title shot. The fight itself, though, was an awful spectacle and fans would not be in a rush to see more of the same.

Jones conceded he would be fine with Lewis getting a championship fight, as he feels there is no need to rush a mega-fight between himself and Ngannou.


"It’s OK, Derek can have the fight. No need to rush a great thing. I’ve already had a Hall of Fame career, I’m going to need some bread," tweeted Jones. 

Perhaps the most telling tweet of the night from Jones, however, is one that he has since deleted.

"I understand Francis looked great tonight, but I am definitely not stupid. Remember that," said Jones in a now-removed post. 

Jones is a sure-fire UFC Hall of Famer and one of the best fighters ever to grace the sport of MMA. Does he already have a plan in mind to defeat Ngannou? Assuming that UFC comes up with the right deal to make the fight happen, we might not be all that far away from finding out.

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