Erling Haaland: Clip of him taking part in Norway shooting practice


Erling Haaland is on a goal drought.

The 20-year-old wonderkid hasn’t scored in two international matches and there must now be serious doubt whether he’s actually any good.

Of course, we’re joking but it was a surprise to see him play an hour against Gibraltar without finding the back of the net, and then being powerless as Norway lost 3-0 to Turkey.

Two matches without scoring is a long time for Haaland.

Montenegro better watch out.

Norway face them on Tuesday night as they look to get their World Cup qualifying back on track.


And if footage in training is anything to go by, then Haaland is ready.

Haaland doesn’t exactly need shooting practice with his goal record of 49 in 49 matches for Borussia Dortmund but he took part anyway.

He was tasked with chipping the ball up into the arms of the Norway coach, who would then throw the ball high into the air for the strikers to volley.


For Haaland, this was far too easy.

A video emerged of him completing the drill in ridiculous fashion as he smashed the ball into the top corner with his incredible left foot.

He turned around smirking as his Norway teammates looked on in amazement. He then feigned that he had injured his hamstring during his effort - something that would have no doubt given the coach heart palpitations.

The kid isn’t human.

It seems Haaland has always been pretty ruthless in training.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer revealed in a recent interview that a 16-year-old Haaland was equally competitive at Molde.

"Yeah. You can see the personality,” Solskjaer told Sky Sports.


‘He came as a 16-year-old, of course you never know with injuries, he struggled really badly with bad knees when he came. ‘But I could see someone with a personality.

‘I remember him brushing off and putting our centre-back and centre midfielders, two big, massive lads, he put them on the floor and asked them to get up. He’s a winner. ‘He’s got a great personality, of course. He’s proving everyone how good a player he is.

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