Cristiano Ronaldo: Portugal armband being auctioned to pay for six-month-old's treatment


A lot has been made of Cristiano Ronaldo’s behaviour after he was denied an injury-time winner during Portugal’s 2-2 with Serbia last Saturday.

Ronaldo appeared to have won the match for Portugal in the dying seconds as Serbian defender Stefan Mitrovic made a desperate attempt to clear the ball off the line.

Replays showed the ball probably crossed the line but there was no goalline technology to award the goal.

To say that Ronaldo wasn’t best pleased with the decision would be an understatement.

He screamed in the face of the assistant referee, got booked before he stormed off the pitch before the final whistle, throwing his captain’s armband on the floor in the process.

It’s caused an almighty fallout with some reports claiming UEFA could issue Ronaldo with a ban, while some fans suggest Ronaldo should lose the Portugal armband for good.

Portugal manager Fernando Santos insisted that Ronaldo will remain as skipper.

"Yes, he will keep the armband. Forever," said Santos. "Cristiano (Ronaldo) is a national example.

"If he had offended the manager, his team-mates or the federation in a thoughtless attitude, then we would have to address the situation. But nothing like that happened."


However, there is a positive that has come out of Ronaldo throwing his captain’s armband down in anger.

That’s because it appears a stadium worker picked up the armband and is now selling it on an auction site.

But they’re not doing it for themselves.

They’ve decided to donate all the money to a six-month old, who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy and who needs €2.5 million for treatment.


The auction post says:

“The captain's armband of Cristiano Ronaldo, which he took off his hand at the end of the match with Serbia and left on the field of the "Rajko Mitic" stadium.

“This captain's armband, which has attracted the most media attention of the world since all the captain's armband ever, can be yours if you join this charity auction and leave your offer.

“All funds from the auctioned amount are intended for the treatment of six-month-old Gavril Đurđević from Kragujevac, who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy and who needs two and a half million euros for treatment.

“The captain's armband of Cristiano Ronaldo will be handed over to the winner of the auction after submitting proof of payment of the auctioned funds to the account for the treatment of little Gabriel.”


That’s beautiful.

Now, the nature of the internet means we can’t be 100% sure that this is genuinely Ronaldo’s armband or that the money will definitely go to Gavril. But surely someone isn't cruel enough to be exploiting an ill six-month-old and is, instead, doing something wonderful. 

Let's just hope that's the case.

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