Micah Richards recalls moment Roy Keane ran scared of Duncan Ferguson


The budding bromance between Micah Richards and Roy Keane has been one of the most endearing footballing stories of the season so far. 

In many ways, Richards and Keane are polar opposites of one another, but the yin-yang dynamic between the Sky Sports pundits has made for some excellent TV. 

Richards has managed that seemingly impossible task of getting Keane to like him as the pair continue to establish themselves as a footballing sensation unto themselves.

It's hard not to like Richards' boundless enthusiasm for the game and jovial personality. 

Like the rest of us, Keane has been taken by his charm, but the Manchester United legend might not be too pleased by what Richards had to say on the latest episode of the BBC's Match of the Day top 10.

Richards appeared on the show alongside Alan Shearer and regular host Gary Lineker to discuss the ten hardest players in Premier League history. 

Though many football fans will regard Keane as the hardest player to grace England's top-flight, Richards only placed him in 5th position while Shearer named him third behind Duncan Ferguson and Julian Dicks. 

In light of Richards' selection, Lineker pushed the former England international for an explanation: "Roy Keane. Only five? Why only fifth? Because Roy Keane is obviously, I mean he's a fearsome individual who you now work with - or is his bark worse than his bite?"

In response to Lineker's question, Richards recounted a time when Keane backed down from Everton icon Duncan Ferguson.


"I watched some videos. A couple of these are before my time. 

"The reason why he slipped down to number five is because of Duncan Ferguson. I was watching clips of him and (Jaap) Stam and Keane walked away from a confrontation, so I was like 'wooooow', how hard are you really then?

"Everyone did though. He's the ultimate hardman because nobody wants smoke with him, with Duncan Ferguson."

Richards went on to add: "Roy Keane, he let me down to be honest."

Carlo Ancelotti's current number two was ranked in first place in both Shearer and Richards' rankings ahead of notorious hardmen Vinnie Jones, Nemanja Vidic and Patrick Vieira.

Big Dunc clearly wasn't to be messed with, but we're sure that Keane has a different version of events to Richards.

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