Jose Mourinho: When he 'accused' David Luiz of deliberately getting suspended


Jose Mourinho is a divisive figure in football.

It doesn’t help that he appears to have multiple personalities.

He can appear to be a fun-loving character and seem to get on brilliantly with his players and the media.

The following week, he can throw his players under the bus and be cold with journalists.

It’s hard to know which Mourinho to expect each time we see him on our television screens and it must be equally difficult for his players.

Is he in a jovial mood today and can they share a joke with him?


Or did he get up on the wrong side of the bed and would a joke see you banished to the reserves for the foreseeable future?

Of course, it helps when his side are winning and, back in December 2013, his Chelsea team were certainly doing that.

On December 29, they had just beaten Liverpool 2-1 to go within two points of league leaders Arsenal.


And Mourinho was in a jolly mood.

That much could be seen after the match as David Luiz and Eden Hazard gave their post-match interview to Geoff Shreeves on Sky Sports.

However, after Shreeves’ opening question the interview was gatecrashed by Mourinho who came pointing fingers at Luiz.

“This guy got a yellow card to be suspended against Southampton and goes to Portugal to enjoy a holiday,” Mourinho claimed.


At first, Luiz didn’t know if his manager was being serious and he looked genuinely terrified.

But Mourinho soon gave the Brazilian a big hug to show that he was only joking.


Luiz pleaded his innocence and claimed he didn’t know he had four yellows and admitted he was grateful to be able to travel to Portugal for the New Year, rather than play in the New Years’ Day fixture against Southampton - a match in which Chelsea won 3-0 without him.

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Who's this cheeky chappy?

Ironically, while at Real Madrid, Mourinho told two of his players to get sent off in a Champions League match against Ajax.

Xabi Alonso and Iker Casillas were already on a yellow card from earlier group games and were one booking away from suspension. Mourinho wanted them to miss the dead-rubber against Auxerre so they could go through to the knockout stages with clean slates.

Alonso and Casillas both achieved their aim as they opted to time waste and were shown red cards. However, they were found guilty for their stunt.

"Players Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos were fined €20,000, Iker Casillas was fined €10,000 and Jerzy Dudek was fined €5,000," UEFA said in a statement.

"The red cards given to Alonso and Ramos stand, and they have therefore been suspended for one Uefa club competition match. The control and disciplinary body has decided to fine Real Madrid CF €120,000. An appeal may be lodged against the ruling within three days of the dispatch of the reasoning for the decision."

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