FIFA 21: Sidemen's W2S spends £3,400 on opening packs


Imagine spending £3,400 on FIFA 21 packs alone?

While most of us can only dream of doing so, there’s someone who is living the dream - and absolutely nailing it, too, although he probably would've wanted more for his money going by some of his reactions.

Harry, who has a YouTube channel by the name of W2SPlays, took his penchant for FIFA to a different level altogether by spending a whole fortune on FIFA 21 packs alone for a video for his 3.19 million subscribers.

Apparently, he only opens packs and doesn’t play as much, but well, let us not go into that for now.

In his latest video, as he went on a spree like no other, some of the most notable players he managed to land were: Eden Hazard (twice), Nathan Redmond, Matts Hummels (twice), Paulinho, Harry Kane, Michael Essien (icon), Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Thibaut Courtois, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Paul Pogba, Serge Aurier, Tomas Soucek, Sergio Aguero (twice), Emre Can, Xherdan Shaqiri, Ederson and Jari Litmanen (icon).

Finally, as FIFA ran out of packs and Harry out of luck (judging by his expressions), he decided to have one last go and went all in. Guess what? He got a 91-rated Marcel Desailly. Yes, a 91-rated Marcel Desailly.

However, despite getting some of the very best, Harry wasn’t too impressed, especially with his acquisitions of Litmanen, who he seemed most disappointed with.

The YouTuber’s reactions were particularly interesting, perhaps even more interesting than the packs he made the video for. One of the most hilarious moments being when he spilled his Kombucha over the wires and his iPhone, too.

Let us just hope the phone works well, for he has spent a fair bit on packs already and might not want an unwanted expense at this time. An in-form Aubameyang might not buy you an iPhone, after all. He’s not even buying Arsenal any goals these days.

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