Real Madrid star starts 'Misma Pasión' trend to support women's football

Real Madrid

The footballing community has come together once again to support each other after a barrage of hateful comments on social media got the better of a Real Madrid player.

Goalkeeper Misa Rodriguez enjoyed her male counterparts' recent victory in the Champions League by posting a photo of her and Marco Asensio in similar celebration side-by-side on Twitter. She captioned the post 'Misma Pasión', which translates to 'same passion'.

Unfortunately, sexist comments continue to hinder the growth of the women's game and they flooded Rodriguez's tweet. Shortly after, the goalkeeper deleted her post due to the overwhelming volume of trolling in the replies.

Asensio, who scored against Liverpool in their recent European clash, mirrored Rodriguez's tweet after noticing the former had been taken down. 

The Spaniard's post, which now has upwards of 85,000 likes, reads: "Same passion. Let nothing and no one stop you from saying what you think," with the same two pictures Rodriguez used for her original tweet.

Asensio created a domino effect after he took a stand against the unacceptable comments towards his Los Blancos peer. Overnight, a multitude of players and clubs have followed suit in posting their men's and women's teams side by side with the caption 'Misma Pasión'.

The likes of Barcelona, Tottenham Hotspur and Lewes have joined the support by echoing Asensio and Real Madrid's sentiments.

With the rise of women's football more prominent than ever, sexist and degrading comments have no place within the game. Moments like this shouldn't be necessary, but the togetherness of footballers and their clubs shows once again that sexism will never win.

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