Man United's Europa League tie v Granada interrupted by streaker

  • Kat Lucas

It may be the sister competition of the Champions League, but the Europa League has a reputation for being a little... unusual. 

Take Manchester United's Thursday night, for example. 

One of the continent's grandest, most successful clubs, but who found themselves up against Granada. 

At this point, it's worth reiterating that the tie was held behind closed doors. 

Granada deserve credit for the way they went on the front foot in the early stages. But enough about the football. 

Remember the whole 'behind closed doors' thing?

Well, one fan found a way to overcome that. It's been YEARS since we've been able to say this, but the game was interrupted early on by not just a pitch invader... but a streaker. 

Yes, really.

The bedraggled looking spectator made his way onto the pitch leaving very little to the imagination but entertaining an entire continent. 

What a bizarre start.

The Europa League really is the gift that keeps on giving, but maybe fans being exiled from stadiums wasn't such a bad thing after all... 

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