Brazil icon Ronaldo reveals the nutmeg montage of himself that he loves to watch

  • Kobe Tong

Ronaldo Nazario is one of the greatest footballers to grace the beautiful game.

In fact, there are many supporters and pundits who would have you believe the Brazilian icon would be viewed as the undisputed GOAT (greatest of all-time) if it wasn't for his serious injuries.

Besides, while you'd be mad to say that Ronaldo was anything short of world-class even after his knee surgeries, there's no denying that he wasn't the omnipotent force that he was in the 1990s.

Ronaldo: One of the greatest ever

But let us be thankful that we still got to see Ronaldo at his very best because his nickname of 'el fenomeno' is fitting when arguably no player before him took the sport by storm to such an extent.

After all, I don't know about you, but I'll probably never get my head around the fact that somebody who'd just turned 20 managed to score 47 goals in 49 appearances for Barcelona.

Throw in 54 strikes in only 59 games for PSV Eindhoven; a hat-trick at Old Trafford for Real Madrid and becoming the World Cup's greatest-ever goalscorer - and yeh, it's fair to say that Ronaldo was half decent.


Videos of Ronaldo's brilliance

As such, it's not for no reason that so many football fans, young and old, go on pilgrimage to the various videos of Ronaldo tearing up the beautiful game that populate page after page on YouTube.

You know the drill: ten minutes of Ronaldo tying defender's legs like shoelaces with heavy editing, loud bass music and people losing their minds in the comments to the tune of millions of views.

But I bet you didn't know that Ronaldo himself also likes to check up on his career highlights there, did you?

Well, it seems that Ronaldo isn't as opposed to a bit of self-indulgence from time to time, revealing in an interview with Grant Wahl for Sports Illustrated that he loves a good peruse on YouTube.


Ronaldo's favourite video of himself

When asked whether he watches YouTube videos of himself, Ronaldo openly replied: "Oh yes, almost every week! I love to watch all of them.

"But there is one I love the most. Some guy made a video with me doing 256 caños”—nutmegs— in my career. I can’t even remember that I did so many! I watch to watch that video.”

Well, fear not, Ronaldo, because we have that video to hand and we can see why you like it so much because how one player has managed to execute so many nutmegs in one career is beyond us.

And could there possibly be a better endorsement for a Ronaldo compilation than from, er, Ronaldo himself? Yeah, that's what I thought, so be sure to check out the full montage down below:

A stunning compilation

Can we have a round of applause for YouTuber 'Goles Mágicos' please.

Besides, considering some of the Ronaldo montages have racked up millions of views, the content creator could never have expected his relatively unseen clip to be watched by the man himself.

At the time of writing, the compilation has 'only' been watched by 12,000 people over the last five years but based on Ronaldo's comments, a good 1,000 of them might have been from him.


And now that Ronaldo has endorsed the video himself, perhaps more and more football fans will start migrating to yet another shrine to the Brazilian's football genius.

It would be pretty fitting, too, because regardless of the statistics and injuries, Ronaldo left us no greater gift than simply playing the game with unadulterated beauty - and, well, a tonne of nutmegs.

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