Overwatch: Ranking the top 5 damage heroes


If you are playing Overwatch, either for fun or in a league, you need to be picking the best heroes to play with.

The shooter game heavily relies on teamwork and splits 12 people into two teams of six. What was quite unique about the game when it first came out was the fact that each player had to be different characters.

Overwatch became an instant hit when it was released in May 2016, and it is still a popular game played by many across all the consoles.

These characters or heroes are split up into three different categories; Support, Tank and Damage heroes.

They all help the team in very different ways and in order to be successful in the game you need to find the perfect balance of heroes in a team. Here are the five best damage heroes to use within Overwatch.

What are the best damage heroes to use in Overwatch

5: Tracer

You cannot have a top five without including the cover character Tracer. Even though she has the smallest amount of health out of all the heroes in the game, she is arguably one of the hardest heroes to actually hit, if she is being played right. This is due to her abilities which can make her teleport and this makes it. This plus the fact she has dual wield weapons makes her not only a good damage hero but also a good decoy in battle.

4:Soldier 76

Gameplay-wise he is a really good hero to start out with if you are new to Overwatch. He is a team-oriented hero that works the best when in a group. Soldier 76 has the ability biotic field, which not only heals himself but also his teammates around him. His ultimate tactical visor is also a really good team pusher. He can use it to pick off any out of place healers or DPS. Soldier 76 is one of the best support DPS that is in the game

3. Symmetra

Symmetra is someone with a few tricks up her sleeves. She can create teleporters that can get her and her teammates into tactical positions. She can also create up to three sentry turrets which do a massive amount of damage, especially if all three turrets are concentrated on the same target. Her abilities themselves are not hard to learn, it's using them effectively that is where it can get a bit difficult.

With the damage she wields, combined with the ease to get the best out of her character, she is a really good damage asset for fans of the game to use.

2. Junkrat

Junkrat can be a really annoying nuisance to go up against which means he is being played right. He has a steel trap which traps enemies for a short time before releasing them. And upon death he drops bombs that can kill enemies if they are too close to his body when he dies. Junkrat’s ult, rip-tire, is one of the deadliest ultimates in the game. Though be careful when you use it because it can be easily destroyed by a Reinhardt fire strike or a sharp shooting Widowmaker (both are other playable Overwatch heroes). Junkrat is a bit on the difficult side to learn, but once you learn him you will have a hard time going back.

1: Reaper

Armed with two powerful shotguns, Reaper can become any tank's worst nightmare. At close range, Reaper can take down supports and other DPS in only a few shots and when Reaper starts to feel the heat he can use his wraith form to make a swift retreat without taking on any additional damage. He can also teleport which can help him get behind enemy lines to take out lone supporters and displaced tanks. His ultimate, death blossom, is another of one of the most powerful ults in the game. If there is little interruption, Reaper can wipe out an entire team within seconds. Reaper is also really great for players who like to lone wolf their way in games.

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