WWE salaries: Vince McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon & Shane McMahon's revealed


We have all been envious of our favourite WWE star’s riches at some point of time. And we have all been guilty of wanting to know just how much they earn.

In compliance with SEC regulations, a recent statement has revealed the numbers we have always wanted to have a look at, and boy they are mind-blowing.

Among a number of key financial details in the statement are the compensations bagged by some of WWE’s higher-ups in 2020.

We are talking the likes of Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

Let's take a dive into the financials and see just how much the bigwigs at WWE are taking home a year.

No better place to start then Vince McMahon himself, whose sums are quite simply staggering.

The WWE CEO got a whooping $3.9 million last year, of which, $1.4 million is his base salary, $1.64 million his stock award, a further $854,000 his incentive and the rest of the $20,583 his compensation.


In comparison, Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque is not too far behind. His bag of cash is worth $2.38 million, which comprises of $906,737 in compensations alone, while the base salary amounts to $724,114, stock rewards to $464,778 and incentives to $222,650.

Stephanie McMahon, meanwhile, got $2.2 million, which comprises of $724,115 in base salary, $464,778 in stock awards, a ‘paltry’ $222,650 in incentives and an enormous compensation amounting to $775,723.

The biggest winner, however, is the president and the chief revenue officer Nick Khan.

Khan made a total of $13 million, about three times that of McMahon’s scanty $3.9 million. Khan’s base salary may only be $498,462, but his sign-on bonus is worth $5 million alone, while the stock awards go further up north to $6.8 million.


There’s also Shane McMahon, whose performer’s contract got him $820,369, but such are the figures of the others that he seems like he has been hard done by.

However, it must be stated that that is just a minimum take home. So there's every chance he pockets a lot more than that.

For most of us, though, even a quarter of Shane’s contract would do pretty nicely, wouldn’t it?

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