Floyd Mayweather has a completely new look


Just when you thought the last year couldn't get any more strange or bizarre, Floyd Mayweather has come out and shocked us all with a brand new look. 

Mayweather is currently waiting to take on YouTuber Logan Paul after their original fight for the end of February was postponed. 

Should the fight take place, it will be the first time Mayweather has competed in the ring since his exhibition fight against Tenshin Nasukawa in December 2018.

Mayweather, considered one of the best pound-for-pound fighters of all time, retired officially in 2017 having knocked out UFC star Conor McGregor to finish his career on an incredible record of 50-0.

With hairdressers being closed for many months, most of us decided to let our hair grow out naturally, and perhaps 'Pretty Boy' is no exception.

A recent image of Mayweather posted on Twitter shows him at a public event in which the former world champion looks almost unrecognisable. 


Throughout his career, Mayweather has often, if not always, sported the bald look which he seems to have ditched for the time being. A full head of hair makes the 45-year-old belie his years, not to mention a blinding smile we seldom saw during his fighting career which he took so seriously. 

As well as that, he has also decided to grow out a full beard just to complete his transformation in an image that many have to take a second glance at before realising it is indeed 'Money' Mayweather, although the lavish suit probably gives it away. 

What are your thoughts on Mayweather's new look? Who knew he was bald by choice?!

We shall see whether or not it stays as he may wish to shave it all off again to get into battle mode should he fight again. For now, we might just have to get used to it. 

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