Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp takes aim at Gary Neville over European Super League comments

  • Kobe Tong

Gary Neville and Jurgen Klopp were involved in a heated back and forth on Monday night.

Despite Sky Sports' Monday Night Football programme focusing on Liverpool's trip to Leeds United, there could be no denying that the main top of conversation was the European Super League.

Besides, the sheer fact that Leeds went onto secure a point against the Premier League champions served to highlight a key issue with what could be a move that changes the face of football forever.

Klopp addresses European Super League

And with the news having only been declared in official statements on Sunday night, Klopp had the unenviable task of being thrown to the media before kick-off at Elland Road.

To Klopp's credit, he stood by his 2019 opinion that he doesn't think the European Super League would be a good idea for football and absolved both himself and his players of any blame.

However, after the game, the topic of conversation took a turn as Klopp and Neville became involved in an unexpected war of words that deviated further and further from the Super League.


Neville and Klopp's war of words

Klopp took aim at the Manchester United legend for the way he'd referred to the 'You'll Never Walk Alone' anthem during a previous broadcast, before essentially claiming that Neville was hypocritical.

In a bizarre interview that culminated in Neville being criticised for allegedly going where the money is, the Sky Sports pundit was left to joke that he was living rent-free in the Liverpool boss' head.

However, there's no denying that it made for some blockbuster television, so be sure to grab some popcorn and check out both sides of the story down below:

An uncertain future

I don't know about you, but the endless narrative threads of the European Super League have made events in the Premier League feel, well, futile.

Besides, it's easy to forget that Diego Llorente and Sadio Mane exchanged goals in Yorkshire because the impetus, rightfully or wrongly, remained firmly fixed on the larger issue at hand.

And while, yes, it might have made for some popcorn-munching action on Monday Night Football, there are now millions of football fans who are nervous about the future of the sport they love.


Where do we go from here?

For good reason, too, because it remains to be seen whether these 'founding clubs' will continue to break away in spite of the damning punishments being touted by everyone from UEFA to FIFA.

And judging on Klopp's honest comments about his Liverpool squad being left in the dark, it seems as though everyone from the fans, the players and the pundits are in for an uncertain ride.

One thing is for certain, though and it's that tough conversations like those bounded about by Klopp and Neville will need to be had before football's biggest clubs potentially tear up the rulebook.

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