Celtic and Rangers: Talks held over new 18-team British Super League


The words 'Super League' are enough to make every football fan in the UK bristle right now. 

At least it's been defeated... 

The traditional 'big six's' breakaway plans have been thwarted by the sheer resilience, defiance and revolt of millions of supporters up and down the country. 

Nevertheless, it's impossible to shake the feeling that we're amidst a revolutionary moment in the history of the game. 

Like all great revolutions, there will be peaks and troughs - and the battle certainly isn't over to stop the ugly head of a European Super League re-surfacing again, under some different guise, in the future. 

In the meantime, the main concern is how to reform the cracking infrastructure that allowed the likes of Liverpool and Manchester United to spearhead the project in the first place. 

Many have suggested emulating German football's '50-1' fan ownership system. 

According to a report in The Sun though, the English league might be veering towards an even more dramatic change. 

It's claimed that talks have been held over a 'British Super League' which would allow Celtic and Rangers to form part of a new, 18-team top flight. 

Fifa, Uefa and the UK Government would reportedly back the new system - unlike the Super League, which Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed to block. 

Why? The powers that be are determined that football needs re-branding and reforming despite the Super League having fallen through after just two days. 

Here are the key points from the new, proposed league: 

- 18 teams 

- Celtic and Rangers join 

- Top four go into a play-off 

- Fifa chiefs are already backing the 'cross-border' league 

It's hoped the Old Firm's global fanbase would attract new fans to the English top flight, while Johnson also hopes it will provide another blow against Scottish independence. 

The Premier League has been salvaged for now - but it appears there are still talks underway to completely revamp it. 

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