Glazers Out: Man United fan calls for Donald Trump to buy club

  • Tom Kelly
The Glazer's standing alongside Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

A Manchester United fan has claimed that he wants former President of the United States of America Donald Trump to buy the Red Devils. 

What is the situation at United? 

Following the fiasco surrounding the European Super League, it was announced that executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward would be stepping down from his role at end of 2021. 

In addition to this, the Glazer family, who own the Red Devils, have come under fire in the past week for their involvement in the ESL. 

It was announced that on Tuesday United would be withdrawing from the ESL in a very brief statement

The statement itself was just three paragraphs long and former Red Devil Gary Neville described it as  "quite possibly the worst communication I’ve ever seen in my life". 

Pressure is mounting on the Glazer family to sell Manchester United with fans even holding protests at the club's Carrington training ground and one supporter has identified who should buy the club. 

What did the fan say?

Speaking to the Football Terrace, a Red Devils fan said this on the live stream. 

“I’m happy that that Woodward has quit Man United, I’m so happy.

“Hopefully, the Glazers will leave, and hopefully, Donald Trump will buy Manchester United. I’m hoping that this will happen."

He later added: “The only way Manchester United is going to be successful is if Trump bought them.”

Should Trump buy United?

If Trump becomes the new owner of Manchester United, then the world will truly have gone absolutely bonkers. 

The ESL scandal has highlighted how little the owners of the Premier League's biggest clubs care about the wishes of the average fan. 

Surely having an egotistical figure such as Trump in the picture would be taking an even larger step in the wrong direction. 

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United could be in a far worse position if the former US president became the top figure at Old Trafford, especially considering he has very little experience working in elite sport, let alone football.

Is it likely that the Glazers will sell? 

The club's co-chairman Joel Glazer released an open letter on Thursday suggesting that they don't intend on departing from the club. 

"Although the wounds are raw and I understand that it will take time for the scars to heal, I am personally committed to rebuilding trust with our fans and learning from the message you delivered with such conviction," one part of the statement read

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While this statement has made their intentions relatively clear in public, we don't know the full extent of the situation behind closed doors. 

There have been suggestions that the Glazers may now look to sell the club and with fan unrest mounting, they may soon feel that there is no other choice.

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