Emma Hayes: Hilarious interview clips prove that Chelsea boss is the world’s most likeable manager

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes has long been a renowned figure in women’s football. The most successful manager in WSL history, she has transformed Chelsea into one of the world’s most formidable forces and now stands on the brink of winning her first Champions League title.

It’s not just her managerial qualities that are to be admired, though, but her personality as well.

Hayes prides herself on honesty, and unlike the majority of coaches, never fails to speak her mind.

This has resulted in some hilarious interview moments over the years, not least following Chelsea’s thrilling victory over Bayern Munich yesterday.

In light of this, we’ve found five of Hayes’ most iconic moments, that prove she’s simply one of a kind:

Chelsea vs Bayern Munich (UWCL semi-final second leg 2021) –– BT Sport

After Hayes became the first female manager to reach the Women’s Champions League final in 12 years, she was visibly overcome with emotion and let her feelings show in a post-match interview on BT Sport.

Speaking to Clare Balding, Hayes said: “I’m not going to sit here and give you a load of cr*** platitudes, I worked my whole life for today and I’m so f****** proud.”

Chelsea now stand just one game away from European history and are still on course to win the quadruple this season.

Chelsea vs Bayern Munich (UWCL semi-final second leg 2021) –– Chelsea TV

While talking to Chelsea TV, Hayes admitted she was so focused on coaching in the moment, she didn’t actually remember the full-time scoreline.

“Do you know what, I don’t even know what the score was,” she revealed.

After the reporter told her that the game finished 4-1 to her side, the Chelsea boss appeared genuinely surprised.

“Is that right? I’m telling you I don’t even remember that. 4-1. Oh my.”

However, Hayes did remember the point she realised the game was won –– confessing that she didn’t know the Bayern keeper had stayed upfront in the closing stages.

“I just know that I looked across the halfway line and saw Fran...and I said ‘go one versus one Fran.’ Then all of a sudden I didn’t see a goalkeeper in the goal and I thought –– I’m going to have the best glass of champagne tonight.”

Chelsea vs Manchester City (WSL 2021) –– BT Sport

Chelsea managed to hold on for a point against Manchester City earlier this month, making them firm favourites to defend their WSL title.

As City applied relentless pressure in search of a winner, Hayes admitted to BT Sport afterwards that she found it difficult to watch.

“If anyone thinks that’s a comfortable experience for a coach, let me tell you, that was horrendous for 45 mins. I’m not going to mask it.”

“I’m so relieved it’s over. I know my family are watching. They saw the colour drain out of me. It’s over. Thank god.”

Arsenal vs Chelsea (WSL 2019) –– BT Sport

Following Chelsea’s 2-1 victory over Arsenal in 2019, Hayes spoke to BT while carrying her young son in her arms.

She praised the quality of the game but admitted that she was stressed throughout the contest.

“That’s what we want for the women’s game. We want games like this week in week out. It’s not good for my heart, but for the neutral, for fans, for the sport –– brilliant game.”

Glasgow City vs Chelsea (UWCL Round of 32 2015) –– Glasgow City FC YouTube channel

During their first season in Europe in 2015, the Blues knocked out Glasgow City in the Round of 32.

Speaking to reporters for Glasgow’s YouTube channel, Hayes confessed that her side would struggle to compete with any of the top teams in Europe and that there was still a long road ahead.

“[Last} 16 was the target,” she stressed at the time. “If we get one of the top 4 teams in Europe, then I think it will be a tall order in our first year in the competition.”

Given that Chelsea are now on course to win the trophy, this speaks volumes to Hayes’ management and highlights just how far she’s taken this Chelsea team.

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