Deathloop: Is It A PS5 Exclusive?

Deathloop will be released on 14th September 2021

Deathloop is becoming one of the most eagerly anticipated action-adventure titles for quite some time now.

Arkane Studios have announced a number of delays to its release due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has effectively halted their progress in getting the game out on time.

The gaming community are now ready more than ever to get their hands on Deathloop, with plenty of questions left to be answered at this stage.

This game is being published by Bethesda who recently signed an exclusive contract with Microsoft, makers of the Xbox, to secure exclusive rights to all future titles for their Series X/S plus One consoles.

Deathloop has an interesting narrative, where the player is stuck in a time loop and not even death will prevent their escape, hence the game’s title. You find yourself on the island of Blackreef where you have control of Colt, one of two assassins in the game.

Julianna is one of two playable characters in Deathloop

Julianna, the other slayer, is trying to stop Colt from escaping the time loop at all costs. At this stage, it is unclear what her objective is and whether anyone else is involved in her mission.

It also appears that there is one constant party taking place on Blackreef to confuse things even more. How did the time loop start? How did Colt get stuck? This is what is leaving certain segments of the gaming community on edge.

Information on Deathloop will be updated regularly as Arkane and Bethesda reveal more teasers and trailers on one of the most exciting forthcoming games of the year.

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Is Deathloop a PS5 Exclusive?

Despite the recent collaboration between Bethesda and Microsoft, Deathloop will in fact remain as a timed PS5-exclusive game.

March’s edition of Game Informer Magazine (via TGC) included a statement from a Bethesda spokesperson regarding the decision to maintain its focus on Sony systems despite the deal and suggests that Arkane Studios have no intention of working on an Xbox version of the game.

Deathloop will be a first-person shooter set on the time-warped island of Blackreef

The statement said: “The acquisition hasn’t affected day-to-day development of Deathloop, which we’re developing exclusively for PlayStation 5 on console and also PC.”

Deathloop is not the only title that will be an exclusive Bethesda game, Ghostwire: Tokyo is another game under the same umbrella that will feature on PS5 and PC.

Whether the organisation decides to take a similar approach with any future titles, such as the next Fallout game, remains to be determined, but could be one to watch out for over the next 12 months.

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