Boxing: Nagy Aguilera slammed for 'most embarrassing' play-acting during Sanchez fight


Shoulder issues are no laughing matter. That’s likely what Nagy Aguilera will be saying for the rest of his days after last night’s embarrassing fiasco.

Aguilera’s showdown with Frank Sanchez was the first fight on the main card for Canelo Alvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders. It did not get the event off to a great start.

The two duked it out for five straight rounds before an inexplicable catastrophe brought everything to a crashing halt in round six. Just one minute and 42 seconds into the sixth of ten rounds, Aguilera took a light right hand ever so slightly to his shoulder.

Instead of shrugging the minor blow off, Aguilera went crashing to the mat, seemingly in agony. Holding the back of his head, the Dominican slugger was adamant he’d fallen victim to a rabbit punch.

Sadly for the boxer (turned actor?), the eyes of viewers present (and at home), officials, commentators and worst of all, the cameras all saw something completely different.

Seemingly desperate for a DQ win, Aguilera’s performance backfired royally when referee Ruben Perez decided to go to the judges’ scorecards.

In a great bit of news for Sanchez, all three judges scored the fight 60-54 in his favour. With this win, Sanchez extends his winning streak to 18-0.

To the shock of no one, spectators booed Aguilera right out of the AT&T Stadium. Sadly for the future Razzie contender, the hate didn’t stop there.

Aguilera has been getting pilloried on social media in the wake of this embarrassing result. One pundit suggested some proper worst nightmare material for the fallen fighter:

“Wow take Nagy Aguilera’s purse off of him for tonight. Absolute fraud”

Another pointed out that this is not Aguilera’s first offence:


“Frank Sanchez W Tech Dec Nagy Aguilera 60-54x3. Aguilera flat out pulled a sham job. That “punch” did not connect behind his head. He just want out and out tried to get over on the ref. He wanted out. Pathetic effort. He pulled the same s*** in Poland in 2017.”

Another even likened Aguilera’s behaviour to one of legendary professional wrestler Ric Flair’s infamous ‘Flair flops’, a kind of bump Flair mostly used for comedic effect back in the day.

Even the commentators got in on the hilarity with one of them wishing the embarrassed fighter a speedy recovery.

After last night, the Dominican Dynamo now has a record of 21-11. With behaviour like that, don’t expect that 21 to improve any time soon.

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