Aleister Black shows off incredible seven-month body transformation ahead of WWE return

WWE star Black has shared his impressive seven-month body transformation

Aleister Black is set to return to WWE soon. 

In recent weeks, a number of vignettes have aired on SmackDown, teasing the comeback of the repackaged star. 

In these short videos, he's seen in a dark room, wearing a full black suit, reading different chapters from a book titled 'Tales of The Dark Father'. 

While these vignettes aren't giving too much away about Black's return - especially in terms of the physical shape he's in - the WWE star has taken to social media to tease fans in that aspect. 

Posting on Instagram, the Dutchman shared his incredible seven-month body transformation, that has seen him drop 26lbs. 

Check out the photo Black shared this week: 

Black has shared his incredible physique on social media

That image can be compared to two of Aleister in one of his more recent WWE matches - which took place back in October 2020: 

Black looks shredded after dropping weight in the last seven months Black has dropped 26lbs in seven months

We say that's one of his most recent matches because Black hasn't been seen on TV seven months. 

But he's clearly been putting the work in away from the ring. Captioning the photo of his impressive transformation, Aleister wrote:

"Starting from a depressed 217lbs to at the lowest 191lbs. and now back up to 196lbs. Working and training online using guidance and seminars for conditioning.

Black has cut down weight ahead of his WWE return

"I’ve never been a physical “monster” but I’ve always prided myself on having the conditioning of a pro.

"I’ve always looked at what I do and dissected it into what is functional Vs. What wouldn’t work for me.

"As a kid I would find people that would teach me breakdance because it would give me rhythm, athleticism and footwork that I needed for kickboxing that I would later apply to wrestling and Sports Entertainment. 

Black has cut down ahead of his imminent WWE return

"This was the same mindset I needed to make some changes.

"If anything to take away here is whatever you wish to accomplish always dissect what it is made of and strengthen all those attributes so that they enhance the overall goal."

Black's full Instagram post can be found below:

Great work, Aleister! We're excited to see him return soon!

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