Man Utd, Barcelona, Liverpool: Every 2021/22 kit leak from top European clubs so far


'Tis the season of new football kits.

While we all love the beautiful game for the sporting action first and foremost, it wouldn't be the same if we didn't transform into fashion estas whenever the new jerseys are released each year.

And with Chelsea, Arsenal and Paris Saint-Germain having already unveiled some of their designs for the 2021/22 campaign, we're fast approaching an avalanche of new releases over the summer.

The season of kit releases

However, if you're struggling to wait that long to get your fix of footballing fashion, then fear not because the team at Footy Headlines are always bang on the money when it comes to leaks.

As a result, we've called upon their brilliant contacts and connections to compile every leaked 2021/22 design for the most followed clubs across Europe's top five divisions.

Now, it's worth saying that there are other leaks floating around, but in the interest of trying to give the most accurate foresight to the releases, we're sticking to Footy Headlines and their intel alone.

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2020/21 leaked kits

So, without further ado, check out which football shirts you might be buying next season ahead of time by checking out the leaks released so far: 

Image credits: Footy Headlines


Bayern Munich

A stunning home kit juggling shades of red, a brilliant away jersey that's only curtailed by bizarre shading in the bottom corner and then, umm, a third kit that we can't make up our minds about.

p1f5od287nvjiecev461beg1lrab.jpg p1f5od3212dfe1lcfpa2dek1hsmd.jpg p1f5od3nu2jrlmoq15efkbu12sgf.jpg

Borussia Dortmund 

Dortmund kits are always gorgeous, aren't they? The home kit looks like it could be one of the best in Europe next season and we can certainly get behind BVB revisiting another black-based strip.

p1f5od4atni5p98ike31n7r1q3eh.jpg p1f5od4s3id58itq98aubsn8ej.jpg

La Liga

Atletico Madrid

Brushstrokes are the order of the season at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, working far better on the home strip than away version, while their third strip is a lovely throwback to the 2010/11 season.

p1f5od79qq1vtp1ci21ilf585h7gl.jpg p1f5od7sra17iq10s9nm71mvp145rn.jpg p1f5od8j18eq91m8o6ms65vmfhp.jpg


Grim. Not only does the home kit look like a messy soup of about one thousand different ideas, but the limited information we have about the away jersey suggests it will be just as rough on the eyes.

p1f5odgpc9t21mq1hpbffeeb.jpg p1f5odh8591tvrt6ml814on152ud.jpg

Real Madrid

There are very few nuggets of information when it comes to the third strip, but what we do know about the home and away kits is very promising, channelling a stunning blue and orange theme.

p1f5odc72tgg61udi15tp1ev3odcb.jpg p1f5odcl73102m1jahq6f1gls1vdfd.jpg p1f5odd3f91ecj1vqi3iv1192qohf.jpg

Ligue 1

Paris Saint-Germain

There's no guesswork required when it comes to PSG's already confirmed home kit, looking superb with the Jumpman icon, while their away and third strips have the potential to be just as gorgeous.

p1f5odo3iopf716c9o3v51n12rb.jpg p1f5odou4f16n41d6hn47ebjfp9d.jpg p1f5odpjbs1u3d3kr14hmr3g1uv0f.jpg

Premier League


A weak, bizarrely Ajax-like home shirt is saved by a smart yellow away top, which Arsenal officially unveiled with its cannon logo and a 1990s-inspired third strip that might be our favourite of the bunch.

p1f5odq21o100b1mtdse8166fsqph.jpg p1f5odqga7j911rnc62h191aleij.jpg p1f5odrvnglebg0jbf1v5s1eool.jpg


Another year, another grim Chelsea home jersey, once again propping itself on an eye-bleeding texture, while the lurid leaks for the away and third designs will do little to cheer up Blues fans.

p1f5odsc291sg7vpv1gkt608ssgn.jpg p1f5odspu51ttuqms1rt71msp78ip.jpg p1f5odtd5f1u6oa6udempp5eujr.jpg


The away kit is ok and I've never really been a fan of Liverpool in yellow and red, but am I alone in loving the home strip? Social media would suggest so, even if the light-red trimmings tick my box.

p1f5odvvehrvb49aik41pnj1t5it.jpg p1f5oe0b001h0mc0u1mlu1kc7isuv.jpg p1f5oe0qu01i5s1e8l1kmk15ql1i4111.jpg

Manchester City

Information is hard to come by on City's 2021/22 jerseys at the moment, give or take the colour pallets you can see below, but Puma love to spring a surprise when it comes to their texturing.

p1f5oe4jpcual15jv194p1oj5em413.jpg p1f5oe52huul86ibuciq1fj7u15.jpg p1f5oe5p6sb9r1om6dfc1vnfala17.jpg

Manchester United

For me, the United designs are bang average and it really pains me to say that because revisiting the blue design of the early 1990s was massive missed opportunity. Maybe it's the sponsor...

p1f5oe7sc91pv7tmc14jqhkf62o19.jpg p1f5oe8b7tbr4raf1rtfe19a11b.jpg p1f5oe8r7v94ad1fouqjf1186m1d.jpg

Tottenham Hotspur

Truth be told, there's not a whole lot to say about the straightforward home and away designs, but the horrendous yoghurt and blackcurrant cocktail of the third jersey might be the worst in Europe.

p1f5oeajm92cp4rv13c117ac1a281f.jpg p1f5oeb6j2i491v821a241b16rif1h.jpg p1f5oedo8ci00cs11uer1s4d1n3k1j.jpg

Serie A

AC Milan

Again, the secret is out when it comes to the home strip, which is one of Milan's finest of the last decade, while their alternate kit looks like it will stick the landing of a brave design choice.

p1f5oeffik1abd189t1rlv1mngcptb.jpg p1f5oefrp61dtk1jpl1jodfdo1vjmd.jpg

Inter Milan

Woah... it's fair to say that Nike's hot-streak with Inter kits could be coming to a close because this wild revision of the iconic blue and black stripes looks as cheap as the away strip seems boring.

p1f5oeh98t9lad3i12ap14uvt4hf.jpg p1f5oehqfg1fcd1mt9u6m6spbqhh.jpg


There's a lot to like about Juventus' new home jersey aside from the tacky '4XE' graphic and a thrilling third kit that could be one of the continent's finest makes up for a nondescript away design.

p1f5oejeqdfcd1se51b3p28bvpol.jpg p1f5oej2ed1or3eqdu641esf11t1j.jpg p1f5oekoks120gtm412rv7ln184vn.jpg

From Barcelona's patchwork home design to Arsenal's stunning third release, I think it's fair to say that Europe's top clubs are poised for a divisive and eclectic set of kits next season.

But frankly, that's the joy of the jerseys that we wear on our backs to cheer on our sides because I feel certain that my personal favourite is also someone's least favourite and vice-verse.

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