WWE 2K22: Drew McIntyre & Sasha Banks voted as cover athletes - the concept art is amazing

WWE 2K22 concept cover art looks incredible with McIntyre

WWE 2K22 is set for release later this year and fans are already incredibly excited for the latest installment of the video game. 

Gamers have been waiting quite a while for a new virtual wrestling fix, as 2K skipped last year's annual release. 

WWE 2K20 dropped to such a negative reception in 2019 that the game's developers rightly decided to take a step back and focus on making the jump to next-generation consoles. 

To say fans are excited about what's to come on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, as well as the current generation consoles, is an understatement. 

Details about the upcoming game have been few and far between so far, but information has been trickling through in recent weeks. 

Even one of WWE's official Twitter accounts - WWE on FOX - has been hyping fans up ahead of 2K22's release. 

Last week, they tweeted to ask fans to vote for the game's cover athletes and the results are absolutely incredible. Check out the concept covers below: 

WWE 2K22 cover art

Wow. 2K - if you're reading - please put Drew McIntyre and Sasha Banks on the cover of this year's game!

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We must state that these are not official covers, and are just concept art WWE on FOX have created following a fan vote. 

Still, we'd very much like to see them officially made ahead of the game's release. You can check out the announcement trailer below: 

We will no doubt be getting a lot more information on WWE 2K22 ahead of the game dropping later this year - an October release date has already been touted. 

Changes to Career Mode, Franchise Mode and general gameplay are always anticipated by fans, as well as the official Roster Reveal, which will surely be bigger than ever in 2021. 

We also can't wait to find out who will be the official cover stars - McIntyre and Banks certainly wouldn't be bad options after seeing those concepts!

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