WWE RAW: Sheamus breaks his nose after Humberto Carrillo forearm smash


WWE United States Champion Sheamus suffered a broken nose at the hands of Humberto Carrillo last night in a non-title match on RAW, according to a report from PWInsider.

Sheamus was competing in his second match of the night after challenging Carrillo and Ricochet to consecutive matches to further their ongoing programme.

Carrillo’s forearm shots to Sheamus midway through the match caused the injury, and despite being a bloody mess and clearly pretty dazed, the champ was able to finish the bout, albeit on the losing side.

The Celtic Warrior managed to make his injury part of the match, pointing at his nose as he continued to attack the grounded Carrillo.

It proved to be a miserable show for Sheamus, however, as he lost both matches and ended the night with a busted nose to boot.

Both matches ended in similar fashion, with Ricochet and Carrillo distracting Sheamus at ringside in their respective encounters to allow the other to roll him up for the three-count.

It is unknown yet whether Sheamus will need time off for the injury, with WWE officials yet to decide whether this is the case.

Four-time world champion Sheamus tweeted a photo of his bloody nose backstage following the match with the caption ‘utter scumbaggery’, doubling down on his pre-match promo in which he berated his opponents for double teaming him on last week’s episode.

The growing feud is becoming known for its physical nature – Carrillo took a nasty bump three weeks ago following a sunset flip over the top rope. He landed on the base of his back with the full weight of Sheamus landing on top of him, which caused the referee to end the match.

With Hell in a Cell three weeks away, it appears likely Sheamus will defend his title against one or both of Carrillo and Ricochet at the pay-per-view.


The Irishman became a three-time United States champion at WrestleMania 37, defeating Riddle in a singles match on the second night of the annual showcase.

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