Valorant: Patch Notes 2.11: Release Date, Download Size and More

Valorant will be receiving a new patch titled 'update 2.11'

Just two weeks after the previous update, Valorant developers have revealed that the game will be fitted with a new patch to fix some technical issues.

While it may come as a surprise, it will be hugely welcomed as the gaming community will understand that this time around, this update will be far more detailed and providing an improved user experience.

As we saw in Update 2.08, it is a significant one that introduced Act 3, Episode 2, which operates in a similar manner to Fortnite with chapters and seasons.

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Today is the day! Here is everything you need to know about Valorant Update 2.11:

Release Date

Riot Games officially announced on Twitter that 2.11 will be coming on 8th June, adding that they will be skipping 2.10 for the sake of “testing time” and “stabilisation.”

They also added that these changes will specifically be for the game engine itself, so insisted that they wanted some time to deliver a thorough update for their fans and loyal players of the game.

Download Size

The size of the patch has not yet been disclosed - but given the severity of the implementations made it is expected to be pretty seismic.

Patch Notes

We can already see from leaks on social media that weapon changes are coming to patch 2.11:

Weapon Changes

Several weapons have now changed price in-game and you can find a compiled list of the changes right here: 

  • Operator - 5000 to 4700
  • Judge - 1600 to 1850
  • Frenzy - 500 to 450
  • Stinger - 1100 to 950
  • Bucky - 900 to 850
  • Bulldog - 1100 to 1050
  • Guardian - 2400 to 2250
  • Marshall - 1000 to 950
  • Ares - 1600 to 1550

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