Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Corner cam picks up Floyd's mid-fight comment about Maverick


Footage has emerged of Floyd Mayweather admitting to his corner during the fight that he was struggling to reach Logan Paul with his jab.

The 50-0 fighter – six inches shorter than his rival – also gave up four inches of reach to YouTube personality Paul and that was clearly impacting his tactics and his success.

Mayweather, 44, was recorded telling his trainer Gerald Tucker that he was struggling to land hits on the taller man despite the obvious difference in pedigree and skill.

In footage released by Paul on Instagram, Mayweather said: "It's hard to hit him with the jab.”

Paul was full of confidence after the opening round, buoyed by Mayweather’s cautious start.

The corner camera also captured Paul's self-belief after three minutes, telling cornerman Milton Lacroix: "I'mma beat this guy."

Lacroix then worked to both encourage and focus his fighter as he knew a lot more work needed to be done for Paul to survive the remainder of the fight.

This was after just the first round that Maverick was visibly enjoying himself and happy with the events.

His coach quickly brought him back down to earth, however, by telling him: "OK, but listen to me, you won that f****** round, but you didn't win the fight. We got seven more."

To his credit, Paul lasted all eight rounds, although Mayweather rarely stepped out of first gear.

Unbeaten Mayweather started slowly, but upped the quality in later rounds, and there was no doubt by the end of it who had ‘won’. Paul ended the fight looking to avoid a knockout, and landing little offence.

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The fight had no judges, and will not appear on either man’s win-loss record.

Despite the fight being disregarded as a joke by the boxing community, both men have cashed in, with Mayweather predicting he’s expecting a total payday of around $50-$100m once money from pay-per-views and sponsors are added to his guaranteed appearance fee.

Predictably, Mayweather dominated the fight, and his opponent landed only 13% of his shots compared to his rival’s 40% accuracy.

The mismatched fight ended in boos from the crowd at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium with many expecting Mayweather to knock Paul out.

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