Warzone Season 4: What is the launch time?

Warzone Season 4 will be released on 17th June 2021

Warzone Season 4 is due to be released this week and the anticipation for its launch has almost reached peak levels.

With Season 3 drawing to a close and Raven Software dropping their latest cinematic trailer, we are almost at touching distance from being able to get our hands on some of the new content in the successful battle royale series, which has taken the gaming community by storm since its release in March 2020.

We have seen plenty from the footage that the game's developers revealed to us so far - including satellites crashing down on Verdansk and rail guns attached to helicopters.

Warzone Season 4 will launch on Thursday 17th June 2021.

As well as this, new character skins and weapons are likely to be available via the new Battle Pass which comes hand in hand with any new season.

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With this in mind, there is still plenty that we have not seen as the city of Verdansk is set to come under further attack as players battle to be the last team standing.

Because of this, gamers across the globe are eager to know precisely when they will be able to get their hands on the latest season.

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Warzone Season 4 will launch on Thursday 17th June 2021.

Launch Time

With the release date of Warzone Season 4 scheduled for Thursday 17th June 2021, an official launch time has not yet been revealed by Raven or Activision.

However, if we look at previous seasons, we believe that the time that downloads will be permitted is 7 am BST.

Again, this is purely based on what has happened with previous months regarding content updates. This could change as the week progresses.

We will update this article if this changes at any stage.

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