Warzone Season 4: Satellites to slam into Verdansk

Warzone Season 4 will be launched on Thursday 17th June 2021.

Warzone Season 4 is on the verge of being released and more details have been revealed by the game's developers.

Raven Software and Activision continue to work together to expand the successful battle royale series further and prepare to bring out a new chapter to add to the ever-growing collection.

This expansion will mean further changes that are on the way, which will involve some objects flying into the fictional city from outer space.

These alterations may cause players to navigate the map in an entirely new way, with Verdansk said to look different than it has done over previous seasons.

Call of Duty's extension has become a huge success, with Activision having made Warzone free-to-play and amassing a vast number of players as each month rolls by.

That being said, Raven are not resting on their laurels and continue to make fresh and innovative content for the gaming community to enjoy, with new operators, skins, weapons and lots more to enjoy.

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Satellites in Warzone

The latest trailer that was showcased via Call of Duty's official YouTube channel shows satellites being forced from orbit and hurled towards the earth at supersonic speeds.

Here you can see the cinematic trailer that shows the satellites entering the atmosphere:

As a result of this unique phenomenon, crash sites will be situated across the map with debris scattered across different areas of Verdansk.

One of those locations happens to be right in the centre of the map, a bridge that connects Downtown and the Hospital. 

Farmland is also another known site where a satellite will have struck, but will any more areas be affected? Time will tell.

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