Eddie Hall vs Hafthor 'Thor' Bjornsson boxing: The Beast's body transformation is staggering


World’s Strongest Man winner Eddie Hall has given a progress update on his physique in the lead up to his bout with rival Hafthor Bjornsson.

He took to Instagram over the weekend to reveal a colossal weight drop from 196kg to 158kg, and the side-by-side image he posted with it is truly sensational.

The Beast looks almost unrecognisable from his strongman days. Back then, he would follow his mantra of “weight moves weight."

Hall has made clear he isn’t the genetic phenom that is Bjornsson, who “was born for strongman competition.”

The Mountain dwarfs almost everyone he meets, but looks small in comparison to his gigantic brothers. This says everything about the genetic baseline he was blessed with.

Instead, Hall reached the top through having a decent genetic baseline, but ridiculous work ethic, dedication and a willingness to take whatever steps necessary, no matter the risk.

A monstrous diet fuelled his progress, although it came with great sacrifice. Hall has been very open that his diet back then will have taken years off his life. The British star has made numerous videos about his strongman diet, which are enough to make anyone feel a little nauseous.


When the fight with his great rival Bjornsson was announced, it was clear Hall would have to cut down massively to aid his cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

In his teenage years, before his strongman career, he was a successful competitive swimmer. This will have given him a great baseline for his cardio game and will have made the transition to boxing a lot easier.

His progress is still remarkable, with his 38kg weight loss evident in his latest photo dump. The abs in particular stand out. When this before picture was taken, his strong abs will have been there, but they would have been covered by a layer of fat. Holding extra mass was beneficial for strongman competitions. Now, with his focus on being able to last into the later rounds of a boxing match, he has had to flip the narrative.

After the fight, it’s likely he’ll keep a trimmer physique to prolong his life expectancy. Now he has retired from strongman, he is fully aware there is no reason for him to continue endangering his health by force feeding himself high calorie dense foods, especially those swimming in saturated fats.


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Eddie Hall’s remarkable transformation is a surprise, but not a shock when you consider that he gives everything in pursuit of his goals.

Fans should have total faith his dedication will extend to his boxing training and produce a frightening force on fight night in September.

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