Euro 2020: Roy Keane mocked by Ian Wright for his fashion sense during ITV coverage

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Roy Keane is one of the most entertaining pundits on television.

While you could probably accuse a few former players and experts of playing things safe when they take to the studio, you certainly couldn't level that accusation against the Manchester United icon.

If Keane wants to let viewers know that he thinks a player, manager or overall team has had a nightmare on the game they're analysing then he'll be the first person to let you know.

Keane's intimidating reputation

It's a trait that has somewhat carried over from his own time in the professional game, gaining worldwide notoriety for being one of the most ruthless captains in Premier League history.

If you had Keane barking orders at you either as a club captain or manager, then you better put in a shift otherwise you'd incur his wrath.

Now, all of this repute and infamy rolls into the broader persona around Keane that sees some fans view him as a particularly scary and intimidating figure.

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Wright and Keane on ITV

It's an understandable presumption to make, it must be said, but one firmly counterbalanced by his status as a family man and warm, on-screen rapport with many of his fellow pundits.

However, all that being said, it doesn't make taking a dig at Keane any less risky because - let's face it - you seldom see the 49-year-old laughing and smiling like someone who loves a good joke.

But alas, Arsenal legend and fellow pundit Ian Wright decided to chance his arm during ITV's coverage of the Euro 2020 clash between France and Germany.


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Wright mocks Keane live on air

Fans on social media made a few digs about the jumper that Keane was wearing during the broadcast, but nobody indulged in the fashion-related banter than Wright.

When it was suggested that Wales will need their captain, Gareth Bale, for the upcoming Turkey clash, Wright joked that the design of Keane's top suggested he was also wearing an armband.

While that might not sound rip-roaringly hilarious out of context, it's certainly a belter when you see Keane's jumper and appreciate the courage from Wright to even make the comment - check it out:

You're a brave man, Ian, you're a brave man.

A brave move from Wright

Besides, let's just say that Keane isn't necessarily the most receptive to humour or overfamiliarity with Wright's joke reminding us of an amusing moment with Slaven Bilic at the 2018 World Cup.

However, Wright being the hilarious individual that he is, Keane seemed to appreciate this particular jibe with the Irishman blending a smile and laugh with the slightest sense of awkwardness.

Keane clearly has a comfortable on-air rapport with Wright, which might reminds fans of his relationship with Micah Richards after the pair released a hilarious 'Road to Wembley' series.

But most importantly of all, it goes to show that you can tease Kane and live to tell the tale.

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