UFC news: Leon Edwards and Jorge Masvidal trade insults on social media

Leon Edwards Jorge Masvidal

Leon Edwards and Jorge Masvidal have reignited their feud on social media which will surely only spark more calls for a UFC fight. 

Recently, Edwards (19-3, 1 NC), 29, of Birmingham, England, improved his record to 11-1 (1 NC) last Saturday night, by outpointing Nate Diaz in a unanimous decision.  

Speaking ahead of the debut of his bareknuckle MMA promotion Gamebred Fighting Championship, Masvidal - who TKO'd Diaz to claim the vacant 'BMF' belt back in 2019 - wasn't particularly impressed with his performance. 

“It was a good fight, good performance, I thought," Masvidal said (via MMAFighting). "Leon does what he does and he keeps asking for more money and more things, but he’s not a finisher.

"He’s not a fighter. He was winning happily and he wasn’t willing to put himself in a risk to go out there and get those finishes.

"That’s why I don’t think he’s in the position that he wants to be in, because he’s not going out and fighting every second of every minute.

“So he’s a very skilled guy, but he just doesn’t have that grit and that meanness in him to go out there and beat up a top contender the way he should.”

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On Thursday, Edwards responded to Masvidal's "he's not a fighter" comments earlier in the day following his win over Diaz, mocking his knockout loss to Kamaru Usman at UFC 261 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Leon Edwards fires back at Jorge Masvidal

Of course, the American then bit back, referencing the now-infamous incident at UFC London where the two became embroiled in a brief backstage altercation, telling the Birmingham-based fighter to "say it to my face", before using the hashtag #3pcandasodacan with a winking emoji.

Edwards declined to press charges after UFC president Dana White refused to sanction either fighter instead blaming his own staff for their failings.  

Jorge Masvidal responds to Leon Edwards

With a fight still not confirmed, fans have been vocal in calling for the UFC to pit both fighters against each other, chief among them Michael Bisping, who feels Masvidal has no other choice but to fight Edwards next.  

He said: "Jorge Masvidal, man. That's who it needs to be. Some people are saying that Masvidal needs to fight Nate Diaz again. I disagree. I thought Masvidal handled it pretty easy.

"Masvidal vs Leon Edwards. That's the fight to make. The three-piece and the soda - Masvidal assaulted him in London. There is backstory there for days. We've talked about it at length.

"That has to be the fight now for Leon. If Leon goes out there and beats Masvidal, then he's going to get a title shot. And Masvidal has to take that fight as well." 

"Far be it from me to be talking s--- about Masvidal. I'm not talking s---, but the reality is this: if you go out there and you crack another man in the face who is in your weight class and you both work for a company that matches their employees against one another and puts them in an Octagon to fight, the pieces of the puzzle are there.

"You both fight for the UFC, you're in the same organisation, you're in the same weight class, you're both riding high in the division - of course, Masvidal just lost a world title fight, but he's still one of the top fighters in the division.

"Leon is on a tear with a ten-fight win streak - and the last time they saw one another, Masvidal hit him with a three-piece and the soda. That absolutely, unequivocally, has to be the next fight for both of those men."

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