WWE Hell in a Cell: Charlotte Flair 'botch' vs Rhea Ripley explained


During the RAW Women’s Championship match between Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley at WWE Hell in a Cell last night, there was a moment that initially looked like the former had completely botched a few standing kicks while the latter was struggling on the canvas.

While many saw this during the live event, a GIF was posted to Twitter that shows Flair missing a handful of kicks with the caption: “From woo to whoops. An embarrassing display from the 337 time champion.”

What this user and many others seemingly didn’t realise, however, is that those missed kicks were a direct jab at Ripley while she was left crawling away, and it was in fact Charlotte mocking her downed opponent.

Another Twitter user replied to the GIF with a video of the sequence that actually contained sound. As Flair continued to pummel her opponent, viewers can hear her say: “What you gonna kick me?! You gonna kick me?!”

After delivering those lines as she misfired a few kicks, Flair then proceeded to actually kick Ripley.

Many other Twitter users also replied to the GIF saying that because there was no sound, it obviously looked as though she had missed those kicks, but in truth, the sound helped viewers or those who didn’t watch the live event actually understand that Flair meant to miss those kicks and was just taking the mick out of the champion.

The fight ended with Flair taking the win after Ripley was disqualified for hitting her opponent with the cover of the announcer’s table. In what was quite the feisty affair, this match surely got fans excited for some potential future encounters between the two of them.

The disqualification left fans baffled, though, as there have been countless, questionable actions outside of the ring between two fighters that were left untouched by a given referee. It seems that decisions like Ripley’s disqualification are all in the eyes of the beholder, and last night’s referee seemed to have thought that her incident did indeed warrant a victory for Flair.

Of course, the result meant that the championship stayed with Ripley due to champion's advantage.

Despite the controversial finish, though, the fight was still entertaining and fans can undoubtedly look forward to more Flair and Ripley action in the near future.

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