FIFA 22 pre-order: How to get 20% discount on new game


EA Sports FIFA, to a lot of gamers around the world, is everything.

It’s almost as if you’re not a proper football fan if you haven’t shattered your console or controller in a moment of absolute agony - or perhaps passion.

We've all lost our heads when a last-minute goal has been scored against us... and to make matters worse, it was a tramp goal on Ultimate Team.

For all of the frustrations and madness of the game, though, we just love it and simply can‘t do without it. Which makes waiting for the next edition of the game that much harder, especially when it comes to summer time and we're all just waiting for news to drop.

That brings our attentions to FIFA 22.


EA are yet to announce a release date for the game, however, we at least know when we can we pre-order it. 

About a week from now, on July 11, it will be available for pre-order, but there’s something you should know before you do so, and that is how to obtain a 20% discount.

That’s right. A whole 20% off. 

You don’t have to do a lot either. Just open the game on your PC, PlayStation or Xbox, begin scrolling through your main menu until you see ‘Pre-order FIFA 22’ to the right of your screen. As you then head to the online store and place your order, you will have yourself 10% off. 

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For the other 10%, you just have to use your EA Play early access subscription and it’s done! 

Regardless of the price of the game - EA have not detailed how much it will actually cost on release - 20% is quite something, so make sure you do not miss out. And don’t miss out on the other updates that EA are set to shell out one by one either.

With the EA Play Press Conference scheduled for July, chances are they will drop a big piece of news. Brace yourselves, lads and ladettes. 

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