Diablo 4: Latest News Reveals That The Game Will Have Fully Customisable Characters And Armour

Diablo 4

Many are waiting for the release of highly anticipated role-playing game Diablo 4 and the latest news has revealed that the game will have fully customisable characters and armour.

The game has been known by all for around two years, as Blizzard announced it back in 2019, however we are still unsure on when it will actually be released.

More details are coming out around Diablo 4 which hopefully means that the game is getting closer to release.

There has been a lot revealed already so far, including gameplay footage and information around the classes that will be released in the game.

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Exciting news reveals Diablo 4 will have Customisable Characters and Armour

Typically in games like Diablo, the characters and the armour they use are normally pre-set and therefore changes cannot be made to them.

However in exciting news, it was revealed that the characters in Diablo 4 and their armour will be fully customisable.

This information was revealed by Arnaud Kotelnikoff, who is the Lead Character Artist of the game.

Kotelnikoff revealed: “You will also be able to change the color values of your character’s skin, eyes, hair/facial hair, and body markings.

“Some elements will be class-specific, to support the classes’ unique backgrounds, but many will be shared between classes allowing more possibilities to mix and match."

This is really good for gaming fans to hear, and shows that a lot of new changes will be coming to the game. Players love to customise their characters, so this is a great feature to add to Diablo 4.

Hopefully these customisations will please the gaming community like we think it should do, and when we find out more features we will be providing you with all the latest updates here.

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