AEW Dynamite: WWE legend Chris Jericho punches fan who tried to invade the ring


A fan managed to leap the barricade and nearly invade the ring on AEW Dynamite during the broadcast last night - only for Chris Jericho to lash out with a fist towards him.

Jericho and his on-screen rival MJF were preparing to sit down in-ring for a contract signing during the Road Rager edition of the show. But before the former WWE man could take his seat, a fan managed to break onto the stage and then launch himself towards the ring as security dragged him away.

Right in the middle of Jericho’s entrance, the man in question managed to get within a fraction of the Superstar, and although security were quick to restrain the invader, it didn’t stop Jericho from taking a swing at him.

As they led him away, the wrestler threw a fist towards him. Luckily it was only a warning - because you wouldn’t want to be on the end of one of those punches!

Fortunately, the cameras didn’t catch much of the invader on screen and security were also able to stop him on the entrance ramp and then led him away before he could get anywhere near either Superstar (minus the swing from Jericho!)

Both athletes handled the situation well, though, with MJF using the situation as part of the storyline and quickly turning the attention back to the two Superstars in the ring by claiming: “I welcome any other one of you fat, white trash hicks to jump in the ring too, so I can beat your a**,” before going on to talk about how the focus wasn’t on anyone else but only the two of them.

MJF and Jericho have been in the midst of a feud for some time now and this latest twist in the rivalry sees Jericho having to endure four matches with stipulations of MJF’s choosing (also dubbed as ‘The Labours of Jericho’) before finally being able to get his hands on MJF again in another singles bout.

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