Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal: Every 2021/22 Premier League kit released or leaked so far

  • Kobe Tong

The 2021/22 Premier League season will arrive before you know it.

2021/22 kit releases

Now that Euro 2020 and Copa America 2021 are neatly concluded, many football fans are already beginning to imagine how the latest instalment of England's top-flight will play out.

However, before supporters get too carried away with the potential narratives on the pitch, it's the time of year when Premier League clubs are beginning to reveal their kits for the new campaign.



The likes of Chelsea and Arsenal unveiled their 2021/22 jerseys so early that they could sport them last season, but many sides have waited until the summer to announce their designs to the world.

And here at GIVEMESPORT, we wanted to keep you all abreast of the 2021/22 kit releases by showing you all the Premier League strips that have either been released or leaked so far.

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2021/22 Premier League kits

Obviously, we'll be turning to the clubs themselves for the officially released designs but otherwise, we're relying upon the kit experts at who are always spot on with their leaks.

Therefore, we've hopped on their 2021/22 Premier League overview page to show you the jerseys that you can expect to see next season in England's top-flight - check them out down below:

Image credits: Footy Headlines


With their pale yellow away jersey already on the shelves, Gooners are now waiting on an Ajax-like home release and a stunning lightning-style throwback that might be the best we see all year.

p1falkub2eqhl1mb0fosd0f1c0nb.jpg p1falkv4knt20resnq3qes14lpd.jpg p1fall040uotf4uf5bc1efp1kkgf.jpg

Aston Villa

It's not going to win awards for originality, but the high-flying Villans have unveiled their new home kit to the world and there's a lot to like about the subtle, smart and smooth stripes down the torso.


Brighton & Hove Albion

A round of applause for what is undoubtedly one of the cleanest-looking home shirts we'll see all season but let's face it, the away strip feels like it's meant for a goalkeeper and not outfield players.

p1falmo9bv172d1mif1ug31svm1haoj.jpg p1falmqebu1iqfg61heb3m21ko8l.jpg


It's not for us, it must be said. The disco design of the home shirt has proven to be divisive and while the away design is pretty decent, the wild texturing on the third kit could go down like a lead balloon.

p1falmrqqn1avoki016pe92q1r72n.jpg p1falmsqt3ag2glb1fcu1uo41858p.jpg p1falmtn4lp9n1sk418uuju3cqir.jpg

Crystal Palace

Again, nothing too original here with Palace's classic alternate colours blending together as brilliantly as always, but the real masterstroke is the incorporation of the badge in the texturing.



The darts-jersey-looking away kit didn't float our boat at the end of the season, but Hummel have knocked it out of the park with a home strip that features some of the best patterning we've seen this summer.

p1falmv1b819uq18i03v89o619n0v.jpg p1falmvtrehkt17m71v5318p61mgg11.jpg

Leeds United

A rather anaemic home jersey feels a little underwhelming, especially with the awkward buttons, while the away and third kits could go one of two ways with their bold texturing and colour schemes.

p1faln5ludn0u1vj2cql11fma4eb.jpg p1faln9as81jd5k4qth1lcdkpld.jpg p1falna45g1105uul1ko91dl0tmnf.jpg

Leicester City

Not one of Leicester's finest line-ups. The home jersey's camouflage-like background looks a little clunky, albeit saved by golden piping, while mint-coloured football kits never really do it for us.

p1falnasqivc41v13kjv1erqi86h.jpg p1falnbion153q1gft19psuec7bnj.jpg


It's a strong sophomore effort for Nike since taking on the Liverpool mantle and their classy home and away releases look set to be followed up with one of the Premier League's finest third strips.

p1falnci8u6s64pg1alens7v2pl.jpg p1falndn5bne5ppc1t481goruisn.jpg p1falnehh7sms157nj12fbg1fqcp.jpg

Manchester City

Puma love swinging for the fences when it comes to City, but it's the power of simplicity that shines through with their home jersey and its shimmering sister design gets 10/10 for originality.



Manchester United

United's trio of jerseys this season simply don't gel for us. The home kit seems so underwhelming, the third strip's colours don't blend at all and the away release feels like such a missed opportunity.

p1falnmmoj1ffo2jklf21a33lff19.jpg p1falnnaordnj8htn3r124k1lv31b.jpg p1falno06419ucmtp1ukj10ht5d81d.jpg

Newcastle United

Such a lurid away design is always going to leave old-school fans dismayed, but fair play to Castore for having an original take on the enduring black and white stripes of Newcastle's home kits.

p1falnp2fal3f1db4p2u1qkhii41f.jpg p1falnqd2p138bv8k8o5qt1l701h.jpg

Norwich City

The green and yellow of Norwich don't always make for the most attractive of kits, but there's something about the sleeve pattern nodding to the Canary nickname that really floats our boat.



The home shirt is a little bit busy for our taste - maybe it's down to the clunky sponsor - but we've got a lot of time for a brave third release that pays tribute to The Dell and St. Mary's with its subtle texturing.

p1falo0invmdb1kafiog170tko823.jpg p1falo179ruq2no5u6v1n7u1fgj25.jpg

Tottenham Hotspur

Where do we even begin?! We'd love to be a fly on the wall of this Nike briefing because they've followed up an essentially plain home shirt with two of the wildest designs you'll see all season.

p1falns9qb1rf55bi1k595h149j1n.jpg p1falnthko1gpq6fm1oc82me1kk41r.jpg p1falnt15r1js62bn35qm216ed1p.jpg


Kelme seemed to have reined things in a little after their bold debut with Watford's home jersey last season, though their third strip is still slightly kooky and the away kit really reminds us of Belgium.

p1falnu9h71d1nkbk1tlh1th9c7h1t.jpg p1falnv1th10p85c9id51g81vc01v.jpg p1falnvo5nds10661e8i17bcbg21.jpg

West Ham United

West Ham kits are always pretty special, aren't they? The collared home shirt is one of the best we've seen in the Premier League and a strong third effort makes up for the so-so away release.

p1falniodc1qu1fjv1igj1p3c1j9dv.jpg p1falnjgkqn4kdtruhc1i751vvj11.jpg p1falnk9vo1ves1ms2d5o2nm1nqr13.jpg

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolves fans won't be doing cartwheels when they see their kits for the 2021/22 season because they don't exactly reinvent the wheel and their betting sponsor has one of the clunkiest logos in the division.

p1falngodn125t1i9f16q01odj10hsr.jpg p1falnhl7dq6ii3tvpmflk8mt.jpg

From certified classics to garish gaffes, it's fair to say there's a whole range of 2021/22 designs that are ready to make an appearance in the Premier League and all of them will have their fans.

And that's the beauty of football shirts because even the most hated designs have their supporters, so be sure to let us know which designs have got you excited the most across our social channels.

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