CM Punk in talks over in-ring return

CM Punk is in talks over a return to wrestling

The news that fans have been waiting YEARS for may be upon us, as reports have indicated that CM Punk has been in talks regarding a potential in-ring return, over seven years after his last match.

Fightful Select reports that CM Punk has been in talks to make a return to professional wrestling. This won't be like his return to WWE Backstage in 2019, as the report notes that the talks have been regarding Punk returning as a wrestler.

Sean Ross Sapp goes on to note that CM Punk will likely land in AEW, but he acknowledges that he has no information on when CM Punk will potentially be returning to wrestling, or if a contract hase= even been signed yet.

While AEW is likely where CM Punk is going to end up, at least according to this report, other companies have been said to have been interested in bringing CM Punk into their respective promotions as fans have returned.

CM Punk could be returning to wrestling

For what it's worth, the report notes that higher-ups with WWE are of the belief that CM Punk is going to be heading to AEW. The report does not specify whether or not WWE has subsequently made a play to bring Punk back to the company.

It's important to note that Fightful notes that AEW officials and CM Punk have not confirmed this report, so stay tuned for any potential updates on the matter.

CM Punk wrestled his last match in January 2014, leaving WWE later on that year. Punk's return to WWE came on the FS1 show WWE Backstage in 2019, with the former WWE Champion not having wrestled a match in seven years.

As previously noted, nothing is official at this stage, at least according to this report from Fightful, so make sure you stay tuned to GiveMeSport for any potential updates on the matter.

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